The Crème that Isn’t Cream

Due to allergy concerns, many people are instructed to eliminate dairy products from their diets. But, giving up those special dishes, such as homemade ice cream, creamy soups and creamed sauces are a challenge.  MimicCreme founder Rose Anne Jarrett faced such a challenge. She was unable to find a single substitute for cream that didn't ruin her favorite recipes.  With a background in food, and from a large constantly cooking Italian family with “food in their blood”, she tried many different non-dairy substitutes. For her, a trained chef, none approximated the taste or consistency of cream.  She was not happy with any of the alternatives on the market.  And thus, MimicCreme, the product and the company, was born.

MimicCreme is lactose and gluten free.. its main ingredients are almonds and cashews. There are four versions, all 100% vegan:  an Unsweetened version, two sweetened versions — Sweetened, made from natural cane sugar, and Sugar-free Sweetened, made with a 100% natural sugar substitute — and a Coffee Creamer.  All four products are 100% vegan.

So let’s explore the possibilities:

Sweetened MimicCreme is formulated to work well in cold recipes as a substitute for real dairy cream or sweetened condensed milk. Rose Ann recommends using it for recipes such as ice cream, gelato, smoothies, power shakes and refrigerator cream pies. We tasted MimicCreme coffee ice cream at KosherFest this year; it was luscious. Both sugar free sweetened MimicCreme and sweetened MimicCreme can be used interchangeably.

Unsweetened MimicCreme is the kosher chef’s “dream cream”and has been developed to work well in heated recipes. Finally, a product to “mimic” real cream in sauces, allowing the kosher chef to create creamy soups, gravies, meat and poultry dishes! Imagine making beef stroganoff, steak au poivre, chicken with creamy apple sauce or perhaps a chocolate ganache.

We asked MimicCreme founder, Rose Ann Jarrett why she chose to seek kosher certification for her products. “So many people requested a nutritious, non-dairy product."  She wanted to develop a non-dairy alternative for anyone wishing to use one, including the kosher consumer. " Although it did take some extra steps to source just the right kosher ingredients, it has been worth it."

What’s next for MimicCreme? The company currently offers a non-dairy coffee creamer, which actually won the top prize in the health and wellness category at Kosherfest, 2009!  It will be expanding the creamer line to include  French vanilla and Hazelnut flavored varieties. And, most exciting, in spring, MimicCreme will be offering a “beatable” 30 second whipping crème. According to Rose Anne “they said it couldn’t be done!”  We can’t wait to try it. This young company welcomes new recipes.  What have you created with MimicCreme?  If you would like to contribute a Mimic Crème recipe to their website, send your entry to info@mimiccreme.com. While you’re at it, share it with KosherEye as well! For recipes and nutritional Information: MimicCreme online.

Enjoy the following recipes:  Chicken with Apples, Gus' Classic Beef Stroganoff, KosherEye's Classic Beef Stroganoff and Coffee Ice Cream.


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