Sally Williams Honey Nougat

A Sweet Soft Chew


The story begins far off in the souks of Marrakesh as Sally Williams, a celebrated South African chef, wound her way through the maze of narrow alleys sampling mounds of flavored nougat. This started Sally on a quest for the perfect nougat, searching recipes from Morocco, Tunisia, France and Italy. She spent years mastering the art of creating exceptional nougat.

Sally's secret recipe for luxury nougat, along with her passion and legacy, are still followed by the Sally Williams Fine Foods team of “nougatiers”.

Nougat is not at all like caramel or taffy. It is much lighter, and has a much easier chew. The nougat is still made entirely by hand, and handcrafted in small batches.

The Sally Williams Fine Foods company, headquartered in South Africa, takes pride in the quality of their products: ”Our nougat is widely considered the finest nougat world–wide and is exported to many countries around the globe. The legendary nougat and luxury nut combinations remain firm favorites. And our decadent Belgian chocolate–enrobed nougat is ideal for chocolate lovers and for those seeking the ultimate taste sensation.”

The honey nougat contains no preservatives or colorants, is cholesterol–free and certified kosher by both the Beth Din of South Africa and the OU.

KosherEye gives this product “two forks up – our highest rating!” It is truly delicious, and the perfect confectionery sweet to end a meal or just for a mid–day treat. It is a KosherEye gift yourself or gift others selection.  And do keep in mind, most flavors are parve.

Flavors we tried and enjoyed or should we say LOVED!:

  1. sallywilliamsalmondSoft nougat with roasted almond nuts (OU parve)
  1. Soft nougat with roasted macadamia nuts (OU parve) – one of our favorites
  2. Soft nougat with roasted almond nuts enrobed in Belgian dark chocolate (OU parve)
  3. Soft nougat enrobed in Belgian milk chocolate (OU dairy)

For more information on the Sally Williams nougat products, see Sally Williams Products Nougat    

Use these irresistible nougats, and transform them into ingredients in divinely decadent desserts. Enjoy this easy and delicioust Nougat Ice Cream recipe from Sally Williams Nougat. For more recipes, visit their website

Products available at the Sally Williams online store and on

  1. Soft Nougat Pieces with Roasted Almond Nuts
  2. Soft Nougat Pieces with Roasted Macadamia Nuts
  3. Soft Nougat Pieces with Roasted Almond Nuts Enrobed in Belgian Dark Chocolate
  4. Soft Honey Nougat Bar Enrobed in Belgian Dark Chocolate

Watch the Sally Williams Nougat video:

June 11, 2012

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