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Someone has to do it and it may as well be us - sample a new line of chocolate truffles! Rachelle Ferneau, owner/pastry chef, of Eden Cake Bakery in Washington DC, recently launched her new line of premium artisan chocolate truffles and KosherEye was delighted to receive a sampling of these delectable chocolate gems.

As part of her pastry repertoire, Ferneau worked with chocolate and was impressed with its versatility and its ability to complement and be complemented by other flavors. Inspired by her love of travel and global cuisines, her journey to incorporate these flavors into one perfect confection began. The result is a selection − twelve − of parve premium chocolate truffles that are flavored with globally inspired ingredients: fine herbs, teas, coffee, fruits, flowers, fresh roasted nuts and spices from around the world. Does it work? You bet it does! They are delicious! Smooth, creamy Belgian dark chocolate, and each with a blended, subtle taste of its featured flavor/ingredient.

truffleassortmentWe received a beautiful clear box of the Around The World Collection. It contained one each of the twelve standard truffle flavors − with each one nestled in a clear divided holder. In addition to the twelve basic flavors, Dear Coco Chocolates will highlight two new truffle creations each month which will feature the flavors of a selected locale.

bcv-1Belgian Chocolate Velvet:
61% cacao Belgian dark chocolate + roasted cacao nibs. Pure chocolate bliss; not too dark, not too sweet. A powerhouse of deep chocolate flavor with caramel undertones.

kgp-1Kyoto Green Pearl:
Green tea + dark chocolate + matcha green tea powder. Exotic matcha, whose distinctive scent, earthy flavor and vivid color pair seamlessly with smooth dark chocolate, resulting in a soulful and soothing truffle experience.

mlsc-1Mauna Loa Salted Caramel:
Salted caramel ganache + dark chocolate + Hiwa Kai Hawaiian black lava salt. This addictive truffle blends the notes of caramelized sugar inspired by the sugar cane fields with authentic Hawaiian sea salt, and is named for one of the largest active volcanoes on Hawaii.

mde-1Milano Double Espresso:
Pure Italian espresso + dark chocolate + roasted coffee bean. Smooth dark chocolate with the deep, slightly bitter flavor of rich espresso coffee, a natural complement to chocolate.

mmc-1Mumbai Masala Chai:
Black tea + dark chocolate + cardamom + cinnamon + ginger + cloves. Masala chai (literally “mixed-spice tea”) is an indispensable Indian beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of warm, aromatic spices. This truffle interpretation uses tea and warm spices to heighten the flavor of dark chocolate – sure to warm your taste buds.

nobf-1New Orleans Bananas Foster:
Banana + cinnamon + dark chocolate + pure banana powder. This delicious dessert was created in 1951 by New Orleans chef Paul Blange using bananas, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur, cooked and served over vanilla ice cream. You’ll go bananas over this truffle interpretation of this popular dessert!

pmpb-2tPeppermint Powerball: Pure peppermint flavor + dark chocolate + snowy white powdered sugar. Peppermint is one of the oldest known and most widely used herbs. Peppermint pairs particularly well with dark chocolate, as demonstrated by this refreshing truffle, whose look is inspired by the solid white ice–covered polar regions.

pp-2tPeruvian Peanut: Smooth peanut butter + dark chocolate + roasted peanut. The pairing of the peanut or peanut butter with chocolate in confections has become classic in the West; this truffle celebrates the popular and delicious combo, with just a touch of sweet heat to enhance the peanut flavor.

ptc-1Polynesian Toasted Coconut: Tropical coconut flavor + dark chocolate + toasted coconut. The coconut fruit is known for its culinary versatility with its different components offering a variety of uses, and the white, fleshy part of the seed – the coconut meat – is often used dried in confections and desserts. The distinctive flavor of coconut, enhanced when toasted, is delicious when paired with dark chocolate.

phc-1Puebla Hot Chocolate: Mexican cinnamon + pure almond flavor + pure vanilla extract + dark chocolate + toasted almond. The addition of sugar, cinnamon, almonds and vanilla to make the classic combination known as “Mexican Chocolate” has been attributed to Spanish nuns in Puebla. This truffle interpretation of the classic drink also adds a touch of sweet heat to enhance the warm spices.

sm-1Smoky Mountain: Smoked red paprika + dark chocolate. The rugged smokiness of paprika combined with the velvety smooth texture of dark chocolate – these are inspired by the region that makes up the Great Smoky Mountain National Park of Tennessee and North Carolina.

tl-1Tahiti Lime: Pure lime oil + dark chocolate + handmade candied lime peel. The three best known lime varieties used for culinary applications are Mexican or Key limes, Kaffir limes, and Tahiti or Persian limes. The clear, fresh tartness of lime brightens the flavor of dark chocolate, creating a most invigorating truffle.

The truffles are 100%  hand–made from premium Belgium dark chocolate, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, with no corn syrup, trans fats or preservatives and are Star K certified kosher parve.

The truffles can be ordered in individual flavors in boxes of six or twelve or the Around The World Collection, an assortment of the twelve standard flavors. Dear Coco is a unique, delicious truffle that will compliment any meal – your guests won't believe they are parve. Or do as KosherEye does...munch on them all day! This is a KosherEye "gift yourself, gift others selection"; the recipient will thank you.

For more information on Dear Coco Chocolate truffles or to order, please visit their website,

Use coupon code DCLAUNCH10 to receive 10% off of your first order, if placed before July 15, 2012. Coupon does not apply to Event Favors or Chocolate Club subscriptions.

June 20, 2012

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