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Susie Fishbein Agrees... It's the Real Thing!

Kolatin - Kosher GelantinWe tasted many wonderful products at Kosherfest, 2009.  One product really captured our interest — Kolatin Real Kosher Gelatin.  Why?  Because up until now, there were no unflavored, kosher gelatin products that really worked.   Now there is... Kolatin has been compared to the non-kosher Knox brand gelatin.

We saw KosherEye friend, noted Kosher By Design series cookbook author, Susie Fishbein, at the Kolatin booth and spoke with her.  She told us that she has created exclusive recipes for Kolatin;  two are featured in the Kosher by Design Kolatin Recipe Supplement.  "This product really works.  If you noticed, I have not included recipes that use gelatin in any of my previous cookbooks",  said Susie.  We needed no further explanation, as we already knew the reason for Susie's omission of gelatin dependent recipes.

Glatech Productions, the sole producers of Kolatin gelatin, primarily sold and marketed  their  product to food manufactures in the baking, confectionary, and food service industries.  Now, for the first time, Kolatin Real Kosher Gelatin is available in consumer-sized packages for use in home cooking and baking.

Gelatin is derived from the collagen in animals' skin and bones.  Most manufacturers of kosher gelatin used substitutes, such as fish-bone gelatin or seaweed-based products.  Kolatin is the only kosher gelatin in the world that is sourced exclusively from 100 percent glatt origin and is certified OU kosher, parve, and kosher for Passover by the Orthodox Union. It is an essential ingredient in the preparation of mousse, custard gels, chiffons, and soufflé recipes.

We recently had another opportunity to speak with Susie about Kolatin gelatin and the recipes she created for them. She had just finished writing her most recent cookbook, Kosher By Design - Lightens Up, and was in the mindset of healthy cooking, when she was asked to develop the recipes. "This is an exciting new product on the market.  Gelatin has many health benefits; it is sugar-free, fat-free and good for the bones." Susie  created recipes that "felt rich and tasted caloric" but were neither.  She is very excited about the product, the recipes and is currently developing six additional recipes; three for Passover and three for Spring.  One of the recipes for Spring is a no-bake cheesecake.  It contains no eggs and only one block of cream cheese. "None of my cheese cake recipes have ever contained only one block of cream cheese! This recipe has a rich, creamy feeling, even without eggs."  Another new recipe, Tropical Coconut Pudding Parfait, will be included on the first consumer package of Kolatin

Chez Eider, Kolatin Vice President of Business Development, supplied KosherEye with samples of this exciting new product.  Being chocoholics, we naturally decided to make the Triple Chocolate Mousse Pie.  This is a no-bake recipe and uses a ready-make chocolate pie crust.  The crust is first covered with a thin, smooth, rich layer of melted chocolate and then topped with a delicious, decadent, chocolate mousse.  The mousse was very easy to prepare.  The finished product looked just like the picture and tasted heavenly... a  fabulous, triple chocolate delight!  And, when we sliced it, it held its shape!  A "keeper" recipe that we will definitely make again and again.  Thank you Susie Fishbein and thank you Kolatin Real Kosher Gelatin!

More about the sensational Susie!

She is busy working on a new cookbook , of course.  The next addition to her fabulous series is geared towards teenagers and is aptly titled, Kosher By Design — Teens in the Kitchen .  When she first started writing her cookbooks,  her children were too young to really cook.  "Now that they are older, they are more comfortable with it. This is a life skill every parent owes to their children", said Susie.

A recipe that features gelatin will definitely be included in this cookbook!  KosherEye is looking forward to featuring the new Susie Fishbein cookbook in early Fall, 2010.

The accompanying recipe for Triple Chocolate Mousse Pie — excerpted from the Kosher By Design Supplement introducing Kolatin Kosher Gelatin by Susie Fishbein with Tish Boyle and exclusive photos by John Uher — is printed with permission of Glatech Productions. Learn more about kosher gelatin and get exclusive recipes at Kosher Gelatin.

Chocolate Mousse Pie

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