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Good Wine Shouldn't be Complicated

By Aine Kelly, Assistant Coordinator of Hospitality, Hagafen Cellars


Who/What is Don Ernesto?  And what does he have to do with Hagafen Cellars and kosher wine?

Actually, Don Ernesto is Hagafen Cellars. Ernie Weir is Don Ernesto. OK, the secret is out. So why not tell the story…Ernie started his life’s work in the vineyard, and, by the way, that’s generally where you can still find him. Early on, Ernie’s work ethic, drive, hands–on–approach and talent for playing in the dirt was recognized. His vineyard crew started calling him “Don” Ernesto as a mark of respect and an acknowledgement of his lead–by–example style.

ernieweirdonernesto“Don” is a title given to someone of very high regard, usually an older gentleman, in Hispanic culture. Ernie wasn’t comfortable with that title, especially as many of the members of the vineyard crew were older than he.  Years and many grape harvests later, Ernie is still being called Don Ernesto. Now instead of avoiding the “Don”, Ernie finally decided to embrace and have fun with his alter ego. Why not make yummy, approachable, affordable wine that celebrates the Don Ernesto sentiment:

"Good wine shouldn’t be complicated.  Like a rainbow or a puppy or a picture of yourself when you were slightly flushed, a good wine should make you feel happy to be alive, enjoying life, surrounded by family and friends. Don Ernesto wines are that kind of fun in a bottle..."

The Don Ernesto Proprietary Blend selections are:

2010vingris-001  2010collage-001

Vin Gris Rose: This pinot noir rosé is a blush that combines  a “fruit basket of fun,” including strawberry, lemon, cherry, and pink grapefruit with a hint of cinnamon - a perfect summer wine. The 2007 vintage was awarded 90 points by and two stars by the San Francisco Chronicle. $15

Collage Table White: More “fun in a bottle." Golden, fruity, medium body, dry friendly, this wine is good to share with family and friends. $15

Clarinet Table Red: This Clarinet is all about bright times: open it and open your life to its fruity red goodness. Its nose of smoky cherry and vanilla and its mouth of red fruits and silky tannins will make you want to finish the bottle and open another.  Put a smile on your face: enjoy Don Ernesto’s Clarinet. $24

Crescendo Table Red: The label is colorful, lively, and friendly, the name emphatic -  perfect for happy occasions, any time, any day. Crescendo! is all about combining fruit and spice in an explosive combination.  Gold Medal -- West Coast Wine Competition; Gold Medal -- International Eastern Wine  Competition. $24 (only available at the winery or online)

2009cresemdo-001   2010clarinet-001

In Don Ernesto’s modest and lighthearted own words, that only Don Ernesto can get away with… “ Don Ernesto, is the least interesting man in the world, but the thirstiest. ”  Please join D.E. in a glass and toast to all the good things in life.

A note from KosherEye: In addition to totally enjoying the Don Ernesto wines, we love the labels. In fact, we have saved several of the bottles and use them as containers for freshly cut flowers. We believe in "fun in a bottle."!

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June 29, 2012

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