Ancient Harvest Quinoa

Actually the seed of a leafy plant, quinoa’s botanical relatives include spinach, beets and Swiss chard.  It is easily digested, with a delicate taste. and rich amounts of protein, iron, potassium, calcium along with fiber, vitamins and minerals. 
 One researcher has said that “while no single food can supply all of the essential life-sustaining nutrients, quinoa comes as close as any other in the vegetable or animal kingdoms. Due to its texture and easy digestibility, quinoa is  also thought to be an excellent source of nutrition for infants and children. Though not technically nor genetically a grain, quinoa can be substituted for nearly any grain in cooking

Quinoa seeds range in color from pink and orange to blue-black, purple, and red. The seeds traditionally have a bitter coating. However, once their natural saponin coating is washed off, the seeds are pale yellow and delicate in flavor. For convenience, Ancient Harvest Quinoa arrives boxed, fully cleaned and washed prior to packaging and does not need rinsing. The same quinoa sold in boxes is used to make quinoa flour and flakes also. No soaking or rinsing is required for them either. 
The products are certified Organic by NOP (National Organics Program)  and are certified kosher by the Star-K Kosher


In addition to the Traditional and Inca Red quinoa varieties, Ancient Harvest is also available in an assortment of organic gluten–free pasta products: Elbows, Garden Pagodas, Linguine, Rotelle, Shells, Spaghetti and Veggie Curls. They are made from a blend of organic corn flour and organic quinoa flour. The veggie curls and garden pagodas have organic dried red bell pepper and organic dried spinach for coloring. While cooking the "pasta" shapes, we noticed the boiling water was slightly yellow, but this is normal due to the corn flour in the product. Enjoy the traditional shapes of pasta in a gluten–free product.

The following recipes are wonderful examples of incorporating quinoa into your menu: Quinoa Pilaf, Quinoa Tabouli, and Gemelli Chicken and Cranberry Salad.

Certain lots of Ancient Harvest quinoa, imported from Bolivia have been approved as kosher for Passover. Check in 2013 for updated information.

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July 9, 2012

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