A KosherEye Chat with Brent Delman

AKA The Cheese Guy


We are continuing our conversation with Brent Delman, TheCheeseGuy.com, producers of gourmet, artisanal, handcrafted, high end, and kosher cheeses

What is your "ideal" way to enjoy a good slice of cheese - yours of course! Do you have a favorite?
I love a chunk of cheese with a slice of fruit - a crisp apple or pear, some rustic bread, and a drizzle of sweet honey. Many people are not aware of the wonderful contrast that the sweet honey provides to the salty and tangy nature of cheese. Use it sparingly though, as it should elevate the flavor of the cheese and not overwhelm it. I also enjoy a basic cheddar and beer combination, preferably TheCheeseGuy sharp white cheddar and an Indian Pale Ale or American Lager - perfect on a warm summer day.

What is your newest cheese?
We are currently aging a pecorino (sheep  milk) cheese in our NY cheese cellar. We produce and import a young,  mild wheel of sheep milk cheese from Italy, and allow it to mature in our NY cheese cellar. A few times per week, we remove the surface mold, coat the wheel with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and let it age approximately 6-8 months. The end result is a complex, intensely flavored cheese similar to a Pecorino Toscano or Manchego (Italian and Spanish hard sheep milk cheeses). We've taken it to some exclusive affairs in Manhattan where it has received an overwhelming positive response compared to the best non-kosher cheeses.

Do you have a store front?
No, even though the name (The Cheese Guy) sounds like a store - we are actually importers and wholesale distributors of specialty foods like cheese, chocolate, oils, vinegars, condiments, etc. in the NY area.

Where can our readers purchase your Cheese Guy label cheese?
Primarily in the New York/tri-state area's gourmet and kosher retail markets; Fairway, Zabars, Westside Supermarkets, Amish Market, Barzini's and Garden Gourmet in Manhattan, Pomegranate and BenZ's in Brooklyn, Arons and Seasons in Queens,  Glatt Express in Teaneck, Adam's Fairacre Farms in Duchess and Orange Counties, NY , Fairway in Connecticut and NJ, The Butcherie in Boston, Kosher Kingdom in Aventura, FL and the online company, ChosenKnish.com.  ShopRites along the East Coast will soon be carrying our cheeses, and we will be selling online from our website starting the beginning of September. As well, every Sunday we have a stand at the Riverdale Farmer's Market in Riverdale, Bronx  where we attract large crowds as we sell and showcase the newest cheese in our line.

Are our readers able to inquire online at the CheeseGuy.com site?
Yes, feel free to email me with any questions or comments at TheCheeseGuy.com or on Facebook - Brent the Cheese Guy.

July 18, 2012

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