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natalieslogoVoted #1 by the popular recipe blog, Serious Eats; Extolled by Bon Appetit; Selected as the top premium orange juice pick by both Christopher Kimball of Cooks Illustrated, and in a blind tasting by Lester Holt on the Today Show, and now (drumroll please) selected a 4-STAR star sip at KosherEye!

We discovered Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice at the Summer Fancy Food Show, as we browsed hundreds of exhibits, and sampled aisles and aisles of kosher products. We knew even then, at first taste, that Natalie’s Super premium juices were superb. In addition to the accolades listed above, the company, which specializes in fresh–queezed and gourmet–pasteurized citrus juices, has accumulated several national taste–test awards to back that claim up.


Natalie’s is headquartered in Fort Pierce Florida; smack in the center of orange country. And since most think that Florida oranges are the sweetest, this is a geographically desirable location. The Orchid Island Juice Company was started in 1989, family owned and operated, the company makes juice year round using only Florida fruit. The fruit is picked and squeezed at its peak, and delicately pasteurized at the lowest possible temperature for the shortest length of time, to retain taste and nutritional value. The juice is never inventoried, but squeezed when orders are placed.

In addition to juice quality, Natalie’s has received awards for being environmentally friendly. And, the company prides itself that everything from the bottles, packaging, and labeling are environmentally friendly.

Natalie’s squeezes oranges and grapefruit 12 months of the year. There are over 15 different orange varieties grown in Florida, each with its own unique flavor, color, and aroma. We think that Natalie’s juices provide a delicious, refreshing way to sip healthy! All Natalie's Orchid Island juices are OU certified kosher.

What we liked best about Natalie’s was the taste (real), the quality (fresh) and the purity of these juices.

Some of our favorites:


    Fresh Squeezed Orange: Selected, squeezed and bottled within 24 hours.


    Gourmet Pasteurized Orange: Lightly pasteurized to retain flavor.


    Grapefruit: Made from fresh Florida grapefruits, year round.

  2. Honey Tangerine: What can we say – this was our absolute favorite! Every sip was sweet and delicious!

  1. Lemonade: All natural – from peak season Florida lemons – made from lemon juice, water and sugar. The strawberry lemonade variety added an extra layer of fruity taste to our drink.

Learn more about seasonal fruit variations.

Visit their website, for additional product information. To find a location near you that sells Natalie's juice, click here.

August 1, 2012

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