Sensational Summer Entrees

Flavors are produced not just by ingredients; but also by the method they are prepared. Poaching produces a very light and moist chicken that soaks up any flavor you add to it. Adding a sauce of freshly roasted peppers mixed with capers and olives gives you a delicious simple dish that is perfect for a summer’s night. Grilling chicken and summer peaches brings out the flavor in each. You have the wonderful charred taste of the chicken and the extra sweetness the grill brings out in the peaches  – and I use a stovetop grill! Broiling meat is about as simple as it gets. The key is to allow the meat to rest before slicing it. In that way, all the natural juices spread throughout the meat and keep it moist and flavorful. Couscous with vegetables is also a quick and easy dish that can be eaten a room temperature and everyone enjoys.

Enjoy the following sensational summer entrees:

  1.  Poached Chicken Cutlets with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
  1.  Grilled Chicken, Peach & Onion Salad
  1.  Sliced Steak with Tangy Herb Sauce
  1.  Couscous with Vegetables

Happy Summer Soiree!

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gloriakobrinnewGloria Kobrin − married 40 years, Mother of two, Grandmother of two − has cooked her whole life for groups ranging from four to one hundred. Gloria specializes in creating delicious gourmet food that is approachable to the home cook and that happens to be Kosher. Author of the Kosher Cookbook App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Gloria shares her recipes and cooking tips on her Kosher Cookbook page on Facebook, her blog, KosherCookbook.blogspot, and on Twitter.

August 6, 2012

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