Wild Planet Canned Tuna and Salmon

Wild Planet Albacore Tuna:
wpevootuna-001Sustainably pole and troll caught in the Pacific Northwest, Wild Planet Albacore in Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent source of Omega 3 and contains less than half the mercury as compared to conventional brands. According to Wild Planet founder and president Bill Carvalho, this is not your average can of tuna “We developed this new line with the foodie in mind. Our ultra premium tuna combined with extra virgin olive oil from Spain creates a versatile product full of exceptional flavor and texture. Open a can, serve it with some fresh fennel and roasted peppers, and you’ll quickly see what we mean.”

When it comes to tuna, most people generally think of that lunchtime staple, the tuna/mayo sandwich; the nostalgic, favorite lunchbox tuna sandwich that mom used to make. However, Wild Planet is different – think gourmet; think upscale; think up a notch. It is an ultra premium tuna in extra virgin Spanish olive oil. Add a bed of lettuce, perhaps some black olives and freshly ground pepper, and you’ve got yourself a lovely meal. We enjoyed this tuna in a Salad Nicoise recipe; and also as a topping for our freshly picked sliced garden tomatoes. We encourage our readers to try some of the healthful and delicious Wild Planet recipes—we did!  We recommend the Salade Nicoise and the Rigatoni with Wild Planet Albacore Tuna, Lemon and Olives. Find the recipes on the Wild Planet recipe page.

Wild Planet Wild Salmon:
wild-planet-sockeyesalmonAn Eco-Conscious Healthy Protein
Wild Planet salmon is sustainably caught fresh from Alaska by local fishing families. The salmon is available in Alaska Pink Salmon – ideal for sandwiches, spreads and more – and premium Alaska Sockeye Salmon, hand packed skinless and boneless fillets rich In Omega 3; No water or oil is added to either. Both are environmentally friendly fish, and convenient protein options.

"Alaska Salmon is included on Monterey Bay Aquarium’s new Super Green List, meaning it is not only classified as a Seafood Watch® ‘Best Choice,’ but also meets the daily minimum requirement for Omega 3,”says Wild Planet Foods," says CEO Terry Hunt.

We tried the Wild Planet Savory Salmon Cakes – so delicious.

The tuna, salmon (and sardines which we did not yet sample) are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified, OU Kosher Parve, and naturally nutritious, rich in Omega 3 and a great source of lean protein.

Special for KosherEye readers – A printable downloadable pocket listing of sustainable seafood choices:
Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Guide.

Do check the kosher fish listing on the CRC.org website to be certain that your choice is both recommended as environmentally sustainable and kosher.

The Wild Alaska Pink Salmon and the Wild Sockeye Salmon can be purchased at select grocery stores nationwide, such as Fresh Market and Whole Foods, as well as via their website, WildPlanetFoods.com.

August 15, 2012

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