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Dessert Sauces Fit For a King

kingscupboardduoChocolate is king, and caramel rules, and we are their devoted subjects!  How we love the rich, delicious, all-natural dessert sauces produced by The King's Cupboard. Based in Red Lodge, Montana, the company has been producing this yummy goodness for 20 years. The chocolate and caramel sauces are the recipients of 13 NASFT Sofi awards – the specialty food industry's most coveted award that attests to the excellence of these products.

The company "embraces the idea that business serves a purpose beyond dollars and cents. To that end, we are committed to enhancing the lives of our co-workers, nurturing the community in which we live and striving to be more “green”.  They support local organizations including the community food bank, hospital, fire department, local schools and many more. Their chocolate and cocoa are domestically processed – reducing transportation needs and increasing support of domestic businesses. The King’s Cupboard’s most recent “green” initiative was to launch a line of organic products in an effort to support organic farming

Among the mostly chocolate products produced by The King's Cupboard are fifteen dessert sauces. We sampled the following five and found them to be smooth, rich, not overly sweet, and with a homemade taste – delicious. The added flavors, such as bourbon and chili, were subtle and not overpowering. The sauces are versatile, can be  thinned in the microwave to be pourable,  and are excellent when used in baking.  And how did we go about tasting them? Why, with a large tablespoon of course – straight from the jar! Isn't that the only way?

Cream Caramel Sauce: Fresh Montana cream, sweet butter and deeply caramelized sugar are blended with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla to create a sophisticated spin on a childhood favorite. For an easy dessert, just drizzle on ice cream, brownies, cakes, crepes, yogurt, or fresh fruit.

Bourbon Caramel Sauce:
A splash of Kentucky Whiskey has been added to the deep, rich, golden goodness of pure caramel sauce, resulting in a perfect melding of flavors. Drizzle on ice cream, brownies, cakes, crepes, yogurt, or fresh fruit. 

Three Chilies Chocolate Sauce: This spicy addition features a blend of jalapeno, chipotle and cayenne peppers to create the perfect marriage of "hot and sweet". Drizzle on ice cream, cakes and brownies. Stir into coffee and milkshakes, use as a fondue or simply savor a spoonful!

Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce: Their signature sauce melts beautifully and cleanly in the mouth revealing complex chocolate flavors. Drizzle on ice cream, cakes and brownies. Stir into coffee and milkshakes; use as a fondue or simply savor a spoonful!

Organics Hot Fudge Sauce: Made with pure and simple organic ingredients like fresh cream, sweet butter and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, this sauce is creamy and smooth with a classic caramel flavor.

The sauces are certified kosher dairy (OU-D) and do not contain preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial colors or flavors, and are trans-fat free.

They are on the pricey side but well worth the added cost. Considering the price of good chocolate, cream,  Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, etc, and the homemade taste – we are content to let The King's Cupboard prepare the dessert sauce. We love all of the sauces but are addicted to the Cream Caramel Sauce and put a heaping spoonful into our hot yummy! A perfect hostess gift or just be good to yourself.

From The King's Cupboard, "In essence, we appreciate our many blessings and are committed to making the world a better, tastier place." We thank them for a "tastier place." Enjoy the following recipes from their website: Caramel Brownies, Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake and Chocolate Chill.

For more product information, recipes, or to purchase, visit

August 20, 2012

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