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Good things come in small packages and this small chocolate package makes a huge statement. Newly introduced in January, 2012 by the KBC Kane Food Group, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Kane Candy Chocolate Cups are an answer to a dessert prayer.

Made from high quality chocolate, these dessert cups offer a quick and easy dessert presentation that will wow your guests - an elegant, creative treat for both the eyes and the palate.

Winner of Gourmet Retailers, Editors Pick, Best New Product of 2012, they are available in five varieties. They can be served filled with whipped cream, ice cream, mousse, lemon curd, sweetened whipped Mascarpone cheese, and topped with fruit, shaved chocolate, toasted nuts, coconut, chocolate or caramel sauce...the combinations are endless. A splash of liqueur brings it up a notch.

Kane Candy Chocolate Cups are All Natural, Gluten Free, StarK Dairy kosher certified and are available in the following:

kcflowerccup•  Marbled White & Dark Chocolate Heart Cups: 4 cups to a box and includes dark chocolate decorating curls

•  Chocolate Pastel Flower Cups: 6 cups to a box

•  White and Dark Chocolate Tuxedo Cups: 6 cups to a box 

kcparty-cup-fillled1-291•  Dark Chocolate Party Cups: 4 cups to a box and includes white and dark chocolate decorating curls

•  Dark Chocolate Cordial/Toasting Cups: 12  cups to a box. Fill with liqueur/wine/chocolate for a celebration toast

Joe Kane is CEO & Head Candy Taster: "We had a desire to create chocolate desserts concepts that can be made at home by consumers just like the world's best pastry chefs! Kane Candy Chocolate Dessert Cups are quick and easy; simply fill and serve! Life should be a party – celebrate in style with Kane Candy."

And what is Joe Kane's favorite way to serve the chocolate cups? "We fill them with chocolate mousse and fresh berries, then top with whipped cream and a fine quality chocolate decoration."

So let's party and celebrate with these delectable, fun treats and have everyone ask, "Who made these?"

kcparty-cups-boxedFor more fun ways to serve the chocolate desserts cups, visit their Fun Party Recipe page.

Visit for more information. To order or find a retail location near you, visit their Order Now web page.

August 26, 2012

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