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Dandy Candy


Howard Slatkin was an interior design specialist and Torie Burke was a color consultant. Two separate careers eventually merged and Torie & Howard emerged. Both had traveled the world in their respective professions, tasting and enjoying global local cuisine, culminating their journeys with a new joint venture into the world of specialty food.

Along the way, each partner faced some of life’s health challenges. Howard dealt with weight issues and focused on eating healthy and nutritionally.  For Torie, it was the onset of severe food allergies that forced her to make serious changes in her life and diet. Both wanted to optimize consumption by eating only the most delicious and healthful foods, ensuring that every single calorie consumed had earned its pleasure, nutrition and taste quotient. And so Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candy was born, out of a mutual love of delicious and all natural foods that soothe the soul and nourish the body.

pl-tinsThese tasty sweet hard candies are all natural and organic. They are kosher certified parve by Kof-K, and free of any preservatives, additives, artificial flavors, chemicals and dyes. And, they are allergy friendly. Torie & Howard is also focused on the environment. “
We consider the environment in everything we do and also ask that our suppliers, vendors and customers do the best they can to protect our planetary home. Please recycle. 
Our packaging is made from recycled steel”. 
We donate a portion of our proceeds to two worthwhile causes that are close to our hearts: 
 Autism Speaks and the 
Wildlife Conservation Society."

KosherEye thinks that this candy is unique. The candy itself offers wholesome sweet fruit flavors, without the guilt of dyes, excess calories, or artificial ingredients. And then there is the spectacular packaging – and we mean spectacular − but what else would you expect of two foodie, design experts? The recyclable designer tins are colorful, whimsical , and convenient. The handbag is just adorable and irresistible - both inside and out. And the hard candy itself—both sophisticated and satisfying in four flavors:

thbloodorangeBlood orange and honey: Italian tarocco blood orange with wildflower honey



thpearD’anjou pear and cinnamon: Ripe D’anjou pear with Ceylon Cinnamon



thpomegranatePomegranate & nectarine: Tart California pomegranate with sweet free stone nectarine



thpinkgrapefruitPink grapefruit & tupelo honey: Luscious pink grapefruit with sweet tupelo honey



Torie & Howard is a gift yourself, gift others pick – fun for a friend, a host or just for a sweet treat anytime.

From a recent article in the Washington Post – when asked about eating candy. The question was “With obesity and diabetes on the rise, isn’t all this tempting designer candy a potentially troublesome development?”  Howard’s reply,  “Sweets are one of the joys of life. I can’t imagine a day without sweets,” says the man who lost 100 pounds. “The key is to do it in moderation.” KosherEye agrees!

apple2-001For the Rosh Hashanah holiday, KosherEye created these fun, mini place card containers filled with Torie & Howard Pomegranate candy. Click here for easy DIY instructions.

For more about Torie & Howard, including shopping information, visit




September 12, 2012

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