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"The World's Best Dressed Pretzels......"™

Angelic Gourmet

Bodacious — yes, they really are outstanding, splendid, bold and heavenly!  Bodacious Bites™ chocolate covered pretzels that is. The bite-sized chocolate covered pretzels are a chocolate lovers dream. We should know because we ate the entire box of Triple Chocolate Chunk!

Made by Angelic Gourmet, Naples, NY, these divine morsels share the spotlight with Decadent Drumstix™, specialty popcorn, and the signature pretzel item that stated everything, Decadent Dippers™.

In 1995, K.C. Rossi and Sher Kemp, an artistic and creative duo, wanted to create a saleable item that "gave instant gratification and would be re-purchased."  They came up with the idea of creating a pretzel — actually two pretzels joined as one — that was dipped in chocolate and covered with assorted, wonderful toppings. Thus was born The Decadent Dippers™, a chocolate dipped pretzel covered with nuts or caramel or toffee or peanut butter or more chocolate; there are currently twelve flavor combinations.  We loved the Chocolate Caramel Pecan!

The pretzels were originally produced in the lower level of their home. Within eight months, they needed to expand and rented a commercial kitchen.  In 2004, Angelic Gourmet moved into its current 8,000 square foot facility, nestled in the foothills in upstate New York. 

Following on the heels of the double-rod dipped pretzel, Decadent Drumstix™ were introduced.  They are single rod minis, available in seven flavors, and are decadently delicious!

Each item produced by Angelic Gourmet is handmade. "The only piece of equipment on our premises is a Crimp Sealer. We use it to seal our product bags", said K.C.

All Angelic Gourmet products are Star-D kosher certified. When we asked K.C. why they decided to have kosher certification, she responded: "We visited the New York Gift Show and the request for a high-end, gourmet, kosher item was there from the start. We are vegetarians and have a kinship with people who are aware of what they ingest. Kosher products are also known for cleanliness." 

The pair also produce three gourmet, specialty popcorn products. The Popcorn with a Purpose™ brand is made with 100% , all natural ingredients and was created for the natural food market.  This brand is very special to them and they donate 10% of the profits to multiple environmental concerns.  "It is our way of giving back and giving to the environment."  As with all of their products, it comes in multiple flavor combinations.  The specialty popcorn is light, crunchy, not too sweet, and  truly tastes homemade. 

The newest addition to the gourmet popcorn line is The Specialty Popcorn Made With Wine™.  Available in three flavors, the popcorn is infused with either Chardonnay, Blush or Concord wine, plus vanilla, fresh berries and more. The product is carried in twenty-five New York state wineries.

Angelic Gourmet products are available in high-end stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus and can also be found in Hallmark stores and coffee shops.  They produce private label items for American Girl Place and Henri Bendel.

We feel the products are upscale, divine, delicious and decadent! 

Angelic Gourmet is offering KosherEye readers a 10% discount off purchases of $25.00 or more.  Enter code: KE2010.  Offer expires 3/11/2010.


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