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Trail Mix of the Exodus!

Matzolah_MosesSometimes a holiday recipe is treasured, kept close, and enjoyed year after year by family and friends. A recipe truly can become a cherished family jewel. Matzolah is actually one of these jewels. It was born as a family favorite, nurtured over a ten year period and finally brought to market for Passover 2013. It is a labor of love, created from an old Silverman family recipe, and it can be enjoyed as a cereal for breakfast; as a topping or mix-in for yogurt, ice cream or fruit; as a baking ingredient; or of course, as a take-along snack.

Created by Wayne and Laura Silverman and their daughter, Amber Lawson, Matzolah is now part of Foodman LLC , a specialty kosher food manufacturer, dedicated to providing innovative, contemporary foods to the kosher consumer.

Wayne Silverman, Foodman president, is a lifelong health focused foodie, educator and non-profit administrator. His Matzolah team includes some leaders of the food industry: Scott Gantwerker, former foods research & development executive for Quaker Oats, Pepperidge Farm and Pepsi-Cola, and Mike Schall, previously of Guiltless Gourmet and Manischewitz.

So what is Maple Nut Matzola? It is a sweet, wholesome mix of matzoh, Vermont maple syrup, coconut, granola, fruits and nuts, and was named the official best new Passover product in the Kosherfest 2012 show competition. KosherEye thinks that this honor is well-deserved since Matzolah is delicious, nutritious (sodium and cholesterol free, and a good source of fiber and vitamins) and all natural − a triple plus - especially for a Passover product. It is kosher certified Kof-KP.

Matzolah is currently being distributed to U.S. grocery stores by the Streit's® Matzo Company. And, an exclusive whole wheat and olive oil version will be available at many Whole Foods Markets nationwide.
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