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Tumbador Chocolate

We will let you in on a secret — we love marshmallows dipped in chocolate! Actually, we love chocolate! What a treat to have sampled Tumbador Chocolate's Mallows. A dreamy, delectable, marshmallow confection covered in a dark chocolate shell.

Tumbador Chocolate, located in the Sunset Part section of Brooklyn, NY, creates hand-made chocolate nirvana. Founded by Michael Altman, CEO, and Executive Pastry Chef Jean-Francois Bonnet in 2006, the pair started out by creating high-end private label chocolates for hotels, resorts, luxury brand retailers and selective private companies.

Altman conceived the idea for a specialty chocolate company and recruited Jean-Francois from New York's renowned restaurant Daniel, where he was Executive Pastry Chef. Chef Bonnet is the creative force behind Tumbador Chocolate and uses all natural products and unique flavor combinations to achieve, what we consider, chocolate heaven.

KosherEye had an opportunity to sample several parve chocolate creations. In addition to the Mallows, we also sampled the Salted Peanut Bar, the PB&J Bar and assorted Bonbons.

The PB&J was a peanut butter and jelly lovers delight-- a layer of crisp peanut praline, topped by a layer of raspberry pate de fruit, and covered in dark chocolate. Simply put, we loved everything we sampled and consider them to be some of the best parve chocolates we have tasted.

 KosherEye spoke with Michael Altman and he compared the future of hand-made chocolate to wine. "Chocolate is an education for people. Before 1970, all good wine was from France. In 1970 California came on the map (wine producers). It is the same thing with chocolate; there are only a few boutique, high-end chocolatiers. We should embrace everyone out there promoting chocolate. It is only a matter of time (before we are known for our chocolates)."

Michael believes in helping people who need a second chance and in being a good corporate citizen. He accomplishes both goals by participating in Strive and The Fortune Society; nonprofit organizations that offer job counseling and placement services to ex-convicts, the homeless and victims of domestic violence. Currently, the company employees 4 ex-convicts and Michael will only hire those who were convicted of capital crimes. Why? "Because they do not want to go back to prison", said Michael.

This year, Tumbador is featuring four Kosher for Passover parve, chocolate creations:

  • Brickle - non dairy toffee covered in rich dark chocolate and sprinkled with toasted nuts
  • Matzoh Shaped Bark - roasted almonds in a clever matzoh shaped bark
  • Mallows - fluffy vanilla marshmallow covered in a crisp dark chocolate shell
  • Cranberry Pecan Roche - rich dark chocolate covered pecan and cranberry clusters


All Tumbador Chocolate products are certified OK Kosher,dairy/parve/Passover-parve.

To view the complete product line or to purchase, please visit Tumbador.com. To view/order Tumbador Chocolate Kosher for Passover products, visit TumbadorChocolatePassover.com.

Tumbador Chocolate is offering KosherEye readers, a 10%, one-time only discount off all products ordered from their online store.  Enter the discount code; KosherEye. Offer good through April 30, 2010.

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