Kosher Valley Poultry

All-Natural, Antibiotic-free, Vegetarian Fed


Kosher Valley Poultry of Plainville, New York, is a brand of The Hain Celestial Group, and one of the newest entries into the kosher certified poultry field. It is also one of KosherEye’s most exciting finds!

Kosher Valley offers consumers an all-natural, antibiotic-free (ABF), vegetarian fed product that is kosher certified. The company, launched in 2009, is proud of its policies “All of our turkeys and chickens are humanely raised by trained farmers who are dedicated to providing a stress-free living environment. Unlike most conventionally raised poultry, our chickens and turkeys are humanely raised with room to roam and ready access to vegetarian feed and fresh water at all times. The poultry is never given antibiotics, hormones or animal byproducts, but is given a diet of pure corn and soybeans….never bone meal, meat or animal fat. At Kosher Valley we are dedicated to raising healthy birds that are never administered preventative antibiotics (just as you would never provide your children with medicine when they are not sick.)”

The poultry has dual kosher certifications (Orthodox Union and Rabbi Yechiel Babad-Tartikover Rav).

We were delighted to have a conversation with Harry Geedey, Kosher Valley Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Geedey comes to Kosher Valley with many years of experience in the poultry industry, including his former position as marketing Vice-President of Empire Kosher Poultry.

Are Kosher Valley products kosher for Passover?
They are actually kosher for Passover year round!

Where can the consumer find your poultry?
At select supermarkets around the country including Whole Foods, H.E.Butt Grocery, Lunds & Byerlys, Publix, Winn Dixie, Super Target, Gristedes,and Food Emporium. Kosher Valley can also be found online at and at some smaller markets around the U.S.

What’s in the pipeline:
Larger distribution and perhaps some cooked products!

Kudos to Kosher Valley!

KosherEye has noticed that your poultry arrives “clean”. We find very few pinfeathers and hairs, which many consider a major nuisance with kosher poultry. How is this accomplished?
I attribute this to new equipment and excellent plant management. I also think that our poultry has a more natural, clean taste.

More on the issue of pinfeathers from the Kosher Valley website:
To meet kosher standards, our poultry is rinsed in cold spring water, rather than conventional hot baths. This helps to ensure that all blood leaves the turkeys and chickens, which in turn helps to minimize cross contamination and bacteria growth. Unfortunately, this process gives us a little more work to do. Cold water closes the follicles in the skin, making feathers tougher to pluck. We do our best to hand pluck every last feather before they reach the consumer.

Kosher Valley is a 2009 Kosherfest New Products Competition Winner in the "Best New Meat, Seafood or Poultry" category for its Kosher Valley chicken breast cutlets. KosherEye agrees! In our opinion, Kosher Valley offers the consumer a fresh, clean and healthier poultry choice…and may we say at a very fair price!

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