Enjoy a Kosher For Passover Cup of Tea

From Bigelow and Novus

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Yes, America, there really is a Bigelow family! This popular tea company was founded 65 years ago by Ruth Campbell Bigelow, and is directed today by her son David C. Bigelow and family.  Bigelow, and its upscale sister company Novus, offers approximately 30 types of kosher for Passover teas, both flavored and plain.

According to Bigelow’s UniversiTEA:
Tea has a long and memorable history,"From Buddhist monks using it in their religious ceremonies to American revolutionaries tossing it in to Boston Harbor, tea has become more than a beverage; it has become an event. For nearly 5,000 years this drink has been a source of medicine, meditation, piracy, political upheaval, social order, congregation, and superstition."

Bigelow Tea owns the ONLY tea plantation in North America. In 2003, the Bigelow Family purchased the Charleston Tea Plantation and formed a partnership with former owner William Barclay Hall. The Bigelows realized the value of this living piece of American history and decided that it must be preserved. Today the Charleston Tea Plantation offers more than just a cup of fresh tea. Thanks to the Bigelow Family, this actual, historic working tea farm presents a true learning experience.

In addition to the large variety of Bigelow kosher and kosher for Passover teas, the company has recently introduced its very special Novus line as well. Novus is a sophisticated, upscale brand, combining the taste and aroma of a loose-leaf tea in a disposable nylon infuser tea bag. Novus is the true tea lover’s tea and eliminates the need for strainers to steep whole loose-leaf tea. Similar to fine wine, higher quality chocolates, Novus is for discerning tea drinkers.

Our tasting panel (needless to say it was not a Tea-dius job), especially enjoyed the following flavors, but they are still tasting!  Check for a KOF-KP on each package to ensure that it is Passover friendly and check on the Bigelow website for additional varieties.


  • Plantation Mint — good, strong, minty flavor
  • "Constant Comment" Decaffeinated Tea (flavored with orange rind/sweet spice)wonderful aroma, good
  • *Organic Ceylon (black tea, all natural)strong, smooth, delicious (another favorite)
  • *All Natural Organic Pure Green Tea--strong, flavorful, really liked it


  • Egyptian Mint, Caffeine Free Pure Peppermint herbal tea Full bodied and strong mint flavor
  • Pai Mu TanDelicate, light, tasty
  • Darjeeling robust, flavorful, pleasing

For the complete listing of kosher for Passover Bigelow teas, go to BigelowTea.com. Many supermarkets carry a nice selection of these teas.

For more information about Novus Tea visit NovusTea.com. Novus can be ordered online at amazon.com.

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