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It is our pleasure to introduce friends to a new KosherEye project – one that we invite and encourage our readers to share. Each of us have precious culinary heirlooms-either on paper, a tattered card or engrained in our memories. It could be a tip from our mother or grandmother; a kitchen adage; a cooking thought; a nostalgic recipe; an old kitchen tool, gadget or product…or even a photo. Our new feature “Culinary Heirlooms” will highlight these treasured cooking and eating reminiscences. No matter your heritage, please share your “grandmother’s” kitchen wisdom with us!

Maternal Instincts by Judy Petel
YOO HOO, Mrs. Goldberg!

If you purchase this spiral bound cookbook, do not expect a polished professional volume of trendy recipes or glitzy photos. Instead, expect a realistic look into treasured old family recipes. Each of the 200 recipe entries offers a glimpse into the kitchen of a family member, a friend, or a neighbor of the Petel family. Many are “heritage” recipes and use popular ingredients of the past. The added plus of this “haimeshe” (homestyle) cookbook are the short vignettes and recipes straight from Gertude Berg…yes from The Molly Goldberg Jewish Cookbook.*

Most important: All of the monies from the sale of this book directly support Merkaz Rachel, The Rachel Karwan Child Development Center in Jerusalem.

About Merkaz Rachel:
Merkaz Rachel opened ten years ago as a memorial to Rachel Karwan (z"l), a special woman who devoted herself to her family, her friends, and her community.  Merkaz Rachel is a joint project of Rachel's family and the Ganim community center in Jerusalem's Kiryat Menachem, a low-income neighborhood.

Merkaz Rachel was created to meet the needs of almost 1/3 of the neighborhood's preschool and elementary-aged children (ages 3 to 13) who have learning disabilities such as attention deficit, coordination issues, hyperactivity, language difficulties and motor problems.  Because they do not perform well in class, the children are disruptive and do not progress in their studies. Each week 200 children come to Merkaz Rachel to work with trained staff of professionals. " There are over 180 children on the waiting list that we can't treat because of limited funds."

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* The Molly Goldberg Jewish cookbook by Gertrude Berg, Myra Waldo available on

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