We’re Nuts for Oh!Nuts…


Yes, we admit, we have a sweet tooth and can hardly resist dessert and snacks. It is often a challenge finding munchies and crunchies which are kosher. It is even more of a challenge finding parve; and of course, our treats must be delicious and definitely calorie worthy.

We have discovered such a resource—a one-stop shop, a fantasy world for nosh lovers filled with just about any type of kosher candy “under the sun”.

Oh!Nuts began in Brooklyn in 1992 as a small store, a tiny 15 x 15 foot neighborhood candy store. Through the vision and hard work of the Klein family, this small flagship location has expanded into several stores, and is now also online as a megastore of fine candies, nuts, and snacks with “no nosh left behind”.

The mission of the little candy store has widened. It now brings farm and factory fresh products to consumers, sells in bulk and pre-pack, and offers both imported and domestic nuts, dried fruits, and confections. Oh!Nuts stocks over 2000 items and has gained a large following for its custom gift baskets and party favors.  And yes, every product is reliably kosher certified.

We tried French Vanilla Chocolate Malted Milk Balls – (dairy) a white chocolate covered treat.

Zazas –  (parve) chewy, juicy fruit candy; assorted flavors and colors and a quick snack for a sweet tooth! 

Gummy Worms – (parve) Too sour for us but perfect for the kids; they made the kids “crawl” with excitement. By the way, the selection of kids candies are unsurpassed; the Kids Candy Shoppe has hundreds of choices of novelty candy.

Jordan Almonds – (parve) Candy coated premium California almonds with assorted pastel shells. This candy can be ordered to match your color theme!

And then our very favorite…
Viennese Crunch – (parve) a classic chocolate specialty, crunchy to the bite, oozing with a mixture of caramel, chocolate and nuts.

We were impressed by the service; when our package was shipped we received automated tracking information. Our queries were efficiently answered, and the box arrived perfectly packed. In addition, the OH!NUTS website is easy to navigate and, best of all, the selection is huge! All arrived fresh, fast, but didn’t last long.

We are already planning our next tasting; mallow cookies, chocolate jelly grahams, crunch chocolate brittle, handmade chocolate vanilla caramels, and yes, one more time, Viennese crunch!

KosherEye is convinced that Oh!Nuts offers the widest kosher candy selection in America! Their motto: "Keep it fresh, keep it fun, keep it phenomenal." We think they do!

If you order, please share your favorites with KosherEye…or just share! For product information, please visit Oh!Nuts.com.

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