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The Chosen Bean is a South Florida based artisan coffee roasting company, founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Moshe Ruza. The coffee became so popular among local fans, that a friend suggested growing the hobby into a business. And so the company was born, with the mission of providing customers something special in coffee.

The owners, Mendy Dalfin & Moshe Ruza are two Hasidic Jews and take pride in their coffee beans, which are chosen for high quality and exclusivity. The beans are selected from “the top 2% of all beans worldwide”, and they are sourced from farmers with small parcels of land and limited crop, ensuring the authenticity of the bean. “We ensure that the farmers are treated fairly (Fair Trade or better) and tithe all company proceeds.”

The Chosen Bean retains its focus on freshness and roasts beans to order. To do so they continue to work with a number of importers to source beans globally from regions in Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia.
The company has expanded, and the products are now available by subscription and at Whole Foods Markets around the U.S. The best news,
Although the entire line of coffees is kosher for Passover, the Chosen Bean has introduced a signature line of kosher for Passover coffees, including several special blends -- the first ever produced exclusively for Passover.
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  • 100% Kona Estate Kosher For Passover
  • Passover Edition Samson Espresso
  • Passover Edition Colombia Single Origin Coffee
  • Passover Edition Colombia Swiss Water Decaf Coffee 

The Chosen Bean also sells coffee accessories such as manual coffee mills and pour over cups. We think that their coffee subscriptions make great Passover hostess gifts!

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