Bacon Salt® and Baconnaise™

It’s the New Kosher!

bacon-salt1 features only kosher certified foods, so why are we featuring these products?  Because, BaconSalt® and Baconnaise are certified kosher! The company says it best − “Bacon Salt is a zero calorie, zero fat, vegetarian, Kof-K kosher certified seasoning that makes everything taste like bacon!”  Since some of us remember bacon, and some have never tasted it, we were curious! And J& D's, the manufacturers, has provided the kosher consumer with a wide array of “bacon” tasting products to satisfy this curiosity.  

All of the company’s products are Kof-K certified kosher. Hickory, Peppered, Jalapeno, Maple, Applewood and Mesquite BaconSalt® flavors are Kof-K parve; while Original, Natural, and Cheddar BaconSalt®, along with Regular and Lite Baconnaise, are Kof-K Dairy.

J&D's was founded by Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, two regular "guys" who wanted to make everything taste like bacon!  The two now call themselves “Baconpreneurs”.  How did it all begin? Justin shared his bacon salt concept with Dave and another coworker, Kara a vegetarian–they loved the idea.  Dave, a card-carrying carnivore and Midwesterner, loved it even more. The company was founded in 2007 with three products: Original, Hickory and Peppered. Since then, the Bacon Salt® family includes Natural Bacon Salt and flavors such as Applewood, Jalapeno, Mesquite and Cheddar.

baconnaise1And then came Baconnaise, a kosher bacon tasting “shmear” for sandwiches, a mix-in for salads and dips, and more. Baconnaise can be substituted in any recipe that call for mayonnaise−such as potato or egg salad.

The new products? Bacon Pop, Bacon Ranch and, what in the world are Mmmmvelopes? We can only imagine! How about it guys? Is kosher certified pork next?

Do try the following two yummy recipes for Spaghetti Carbonara and Baconnaise Potato Salad. For more product information, please visit

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