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We love dips and spreads!  They are quick and easy appetizers and make "eye" catching presentations—the serving options are endless.  Just mix, chill and serve with your favorite assortment of chips, veggies, crackers or bread. KosherEye likes to use a large, low–sided, straw basket and line it with greens, fill assorted colored sweet peppers with the dip/spread mixture and surround with veggies. Very healthy! We recently tasted several fabulous dips and spreads and wanted to share our discovery!

To Market–To Market dips and spreads are all natural, gluten free, chemical free, salt free*, MSG free, kosher certified and delicious!  What more can you ask for? Each package contains a unique blend of dehydrated vegetables, spices and herbs and requires the addition of mayonnaise, sour cream or cream cheese, plus several hours to chill—that's it! No work, no fuss. Each package makes 4–10 cups, which makes it economical, plus there are additional serving suggestions included. There is also the option to make a partial package, which is what we did. We just measured out half of the contents on our kitchen easy!  The company suggests keeping unused portions in a clean, glass jar.

One of our favorites was Popeye's Passion, a delicious spinach spread. It was so good that we saved the tiny amount that was left over and used it as a spread on our sandwich the next day. Too good to not use to the last drop (or in our case, a "shmear"!) We will use the remaining part of our package mix to serve with salmon. There are a large variety of mixes to choose from: It's Greek to Me!, Eat Your Vegetables!, Thrill of A Dill, The Garlic of Eatin', and several more for a total of 26 products.

To Market –To Market is located in Loveland, Co and is owned by Kent and Eileen Heusinkved.  We had the opportunity to speak with Kent and learn more about the history of the company. The Heusinkveds purchased the 25-year-old company in January, 2007.  Prior to that, for 15 years, Eileen had owned and operated a Gourmet Kitchen Store and included the To Market–To Market products in her store's gift baskets. "We knew the products were good. We listened to the positive comments from people who had tasted the product, and knew the customers also thought they were good. When the owner of the company wanted to sell the business and retire, we purchased it."  To Market –To Market has a client base of over 4,000 accounts, which include gourmet kitchen stores, gourmet food stores and private label brands. It is very obvious that the "products are good."

tmtmdillThe spreads and dips are not limited to just being used as appetizers. Kent shared some of his "secrets" with us. The dips are very versatile and can be used as seasoning mixes in cooking. He knows someone who only uses it as a seasoning for a slow cooker roast recipe. Kent loves to grill and uses Thrill of A Dill as a dry rub on salmon. His secret ingredient for grilled burgers— Cryin' Over Cayenne!  "I do everything I can to not use salt as a seasoning ingredient."  Another great suggestion is to use as a topping on baked potatoes. 

KosherEye likes the ease, the versatility and taste of these products. In addition, they provide a satisfying and delicious seasoning alternative to reduce sodium.

To Market –To Market dips and spreads are certified kosher by Scroll K, Vaad Hakashrus of Denver.

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*Thrill of Dill has a trace of salt

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