McCormick – A Spicy Story


 In September, 1889, in Baltimore Maryland, McCormick & Company was started by 25 year old Willoughby M. McCormick. His motto was "Make the Best − someone will buy it." His first products were root beer, flavoring extracts, fruit syrups, and juices. They were sold under the Bee Brand and Silver Medal trademarks. Other products made at this time were Iron Glue (Sticks Everything But The Buyer), and Uncle Sam's Nerve and Bone Liniment (For Man or Beast). McCormick sold his products door-to-door.

By 1890, the company had grown tremendously and occupied a four story building. In 1896, the first McCormick cookbook was published, and an export business was initiated. But, in 1904, as the Great Baltimore Fire raged over the business district, all the company's assets and records were lost. Willoughby wrote, "I had built up my business until it was the largest of its kind in the United States and now it is the smallest of the small."

However, McCormick & Company weathered the fire, and then the  Depression,  survived and flourished, and has grown to be the largest U.S. seller of spices, seasonings, and flavorings to the world.

Open any spice pantry in America today, and you will likely find McCormick products. Most all of the McCormick spice line is certified OU kosher.  There is no master list of McCormick kosher spices; the company encourages the consumer to check each individual product. And, there are many! McCormick produces several spice and flavoring lines, including its most popular bestsellers: black pepper, vanilla extract and cinnamon. View all of the classics at McCormick Spices A to Z

The company also offers organic spices and handy spice blends. The blends are  time savers! No need to combine spices, no guesswork – it’s all pre-mixed. We especially like McCormick Grill Mates and can’t imagine our kitchen without McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning; we use it on roasts, steak and salmon!

And then there’s Perfect Pinch - (many in this line are salt free). We like Lemon Pepper, Salad Supreme and, of course, Mediterranean Herb! McCormick Lemon Pepper is the most popular Perfect Pinch! Yes, it was already in our pantry – even before we got the official word. We sprinkle it on fish and vegetables.

We are currently experimenting  with McCormick's exotic new line, Roasted  and Toasted Spices including  Roasted Saigon Cinnamon, Coriander, Cumin, and Ginger.

And then last but certainly not least, we are “hooked” on McCormick Old Bay - our must have spice for fish and “faux” seafood salads.

From Kevan Vetter, Executive Chef at McCormick , “This season, expect to see backyard grillers experimenting with flavor layering – high-impact combinations of rubs, marinades, glazes and more – to boost flavor before, during and after grilling. Another exciting trend is taking cues from traditional cocktail flavors and ingredients – rediscovering them as inspiration on the grill.”

Now it’s time to go to McCormick Spice University – “Spice 101”.

How old are your spices? Are they past their prime? Which spices are great for your health? For your spice degree visit, McCormick Spices 101

For hundreds of recipes and spice pairing tips visit, McCormick Gourmet Recipes.

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