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There is simply no way to describe this lamb, except to share accolades. It is the best lamb we ever tasted. Period! Tender, flavorful, convenient.

The rack of lamb we received was sent 2nd day air and arrived frozen. We defrosted it in the refrigerator, rinsed it, dried it and it was then ready to roast or grill. The rack was “frenched” –  a butcher’s term for carving deep cuts between the 8 separate lamb ribs, making the ribs easy to separate when serving.

We tried several recipes including this one:
We rubbed the lamb with extra virgin olive oil, minced fresh garlic, chopped fresh rosemary, black pepper and sprinkled on about 2 tablespoons of Panko breadcrumbs. We placed the rack of lamb directly on a broiler rack bone, side down, in a shallow oven-proof roasting pan so that the fats had a place to drip. We roasted the approximately 2–pound lamb rack for about 30 minutes at 375 degrees, until our meat thermometer reached 145 degrees. We covered it with foil, and let it rest for 15 minutes. Our lamb came out perfectly; we prefer pink inside- medium rare.  Then we simply sliced between the ribs, and served with a side dollop of Woebers horseradish sauce.  Are you coveting this mouthwatering culinary experience? What a fabulous entrée − certainly as delicious as a prime rib!  And just as easy!

Strauss Certified Kosher lamb meets Glatt requirements, and is certified by both the Orthodox Union and the C.R.C. The Strauss family has a long, history in the meat and livestock industry.  It all began with Ludwig Strauss, who worked in the stockyards of Milwaukee after immigrating to the U.S. from Germany in the late 1880’s. His sons started Strauss Brothers packing in 1937 to supply the neighborhood with farm fresh meats. Eventually, Milton Strauss, one of the Strauss sons, and his wife Goldene, became the sole owners of the family business. In 1958 Milton’s son, Richard,  joined the family business. Working together, Richard helped build Strauss Brands into an internationally recognized brand.

Since 1989 Milton’s grandson’s, Randy and Tim Strauss, own and operate the 70-year-old company. Randy and Tim, co–presidents, not only carry on the proud family tradition, but also, have become leaders in the move towards humanely and sustainably raised livestock

 “Strauss Brands is Committed to Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship and Humane Treatment of Livestock. We not only care about our carbon footprint, but also ensure our commitment to animal welfare throughout the processing phase. “  The company works with  renowned, animal–welfare advocate, Temple Grandin, to minimize stress, increase comfort and improve the safe handling of our livestock.”

Strauss lamb is American lamb, seasonally born around the country, and pasture raised in nearly every state in the US. At weaning time, most of the lambs journey westward to be grain finished in Colorado and other Western states.

“The ideal pasture land for American lambs is not lawn-like grass, but an array of grasses, legumes and forbs, such as clover, alfalfa and milkweed. Their diet varies, depending upon the region in which they are grazed.  Lambs are well suited to graze mountainous and rough terrain, which is otherwise inaccessible to other livestock. Strauss’ artisan butchers hand process our fresh lambs, daily, to our customers’ precise specifications.”

 Rabbis from A.D. Rosenblatt certify Strauss kosher lamb products. Strauss lamb has a double kashrut certification (OU and CRC).  According to Lori Dunn, Strauss executive director of pasture raised programs,  “We mark with all applicable kosher labels as we know there are some regional preferences − so we go towards the  'more is more' philosophy to meet the broadest range of kosher consumer needs.”

Now we saved the best news for last. Sometimes our reviewed products are available only in limited distribution across the country. And yes, Strauss lamb product are available in many kosher butcher shops in the U.S., but even more exciting, the kosher lamb is available to all Costco members. From the fabulous, but pricey luxury rack of lamb cut, to more basic, value cuts of lamb such as Foreshank, ground lamb and shoulder roast, just go to to order. You’ll have your meat in time for the holidays! Wow!  Let us know how you prepare your lamb! 

Enjoy the following recipes for Grilled Rack of Lamb with Fresh Lemon and Herbs and Roasted Rack of Lamb.

To read more about Strauss meats or to view their recipes, please visit Strauss Brands Incorporated.

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