RichWhip® – A Kosher Culinary Classic

The Ingredient that Changed Kosher Desserts Forever


Think back to the desserts of the past. Look in any vintage kosher cookbook and you will find pages of delicious parve pastries, pies and cakes– all made without creamy toppings and fillings. Why? Because, there was no cream substitute! When making a parve dessert or entree, kosher bakers and cooks of past generations were somewhat redundant with desserts–fruit kugels, strudels, pies–perhaps topped with whipped egg whites.

With the innovation of the RichWhip® product, a new world opened for dairy–free cooks. Rich Products, a family run company, has pioneered and led the frozen food non–dairy category for over 50 years. It was all started in 1945 by founder Robert E. Rich, “the miracle cream from the soya bean”.

Now, there are few limitations to creating a parve dessert. Because so many new consumers have jumped on the dairy–free wagon, creamy, parve desserts have gone mainstream; from the easiest most delicious creations to the truly spectacular. Dairy–free creamy toppings, fillings and finishers are delicious, easy to make and widely enjoyed.

Most of the kosher cooks we know have whipped up a carton of RichWhip® and decorated or filled cakes. Who hasn’t tried a luscious, parve strawberry short cake – filled with dairy–free cream and topped with fresh berries (If you haven’t, get started now).

In addition to a full line of products for the catering and food service industry, in many markets the company also offers a pre–whipped RichWhip® topping in a bowl. And, of course, we are all familiar with the other ground breaking classic, Coffee Rich®  the world’s first frozen non–dairy coffee creamer. These products are all kosher (OU), vegan, lactose, dairy, and gluten free. We couldn’t think of a better way to emphasize the importance of RichWhip®, than by sharing some favorite recipes. Enjoy!

Banana Creme Pie, Coconut PieCrème de Menthe Pie, Éclair Cake, No-Boil Noodle Kugel, and Banana Muffins.

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