Walders Creamy Liqueur

A Toast to a Winner!


What is Walders?

Walders Vodka and Vanilla Creamy Liqueur is a new non-dairy liqueur, produced in The Netherlands for Walders LTD of London, England.  Walders is kosher certified by the OU, and has been selected as the Kosherfest 2010 product competition winner for best new spirit. Someone had to do it – so although we knew it might be “tedious”, KosherEye decided to sample this new entry into the world of kosher spirits. WOW!

This rich, creamy liqueur is infused with premium vodka and vanilla, and blended with a natural non–dairy base. We agree with the company, “It delivers a taste sensation likened to a liquid vanilla ice–cream with a nice little kick” (And, how we love vanilla ice cream). Because Walders is parve (non-dairy, lactose-free), it is a creamy liqueur that can pair perfectly with any meal—straight over ice, or mixed with fruit juices and other spirits to create numerous cocktails.

We found Walders vodka and vanilla luscious and smooth over crushed ice, and enjoyed it as a delightful after dinner drink. We also created one of our favorite martinis—the Cosmo—using 2 parts Walders, 1 part Triple Sec, 1 part Cranberry juice, and a splash of Rose’s sweetened lime juice. Excellent! We even like the shape of Walder’s tall, sleek, elegant bottle.

In addition to its Kosherfest win, Walders Vodka and Vanilla Liqueur won a Bronze medal at the 2009 International Wine & Spirits Competition. Distributed by Kedem’s Medek Wine and Spirits of N.Y., it should be readily available in the U.S. market. 

And more about Walders from the company:
It is gluten-free, sulphite free, nut and soya free; best consumed within six months of opening; no need to refrigerate it, but tastes best swirled with ice; can be added to hot drinks such as coffee or hot chocolate.

For recipes and more information, visit Walders Creamy Liqueur.

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