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If you love to bake or just love baked goods...this is the product for you! And just what is a schmear? "From the Yiddish word shmirn (to smear or grease), the word schmear is used in the culinary world to describe a dab of something like mayonnaise or cream cheese that's spread on a roll, bagel, etc... Food Dictionary".  Except in this case, the "schmear" is a wonderful, ready-to-use, chocolate, almond or cinnamon flavored filling used in baking.

There is a success story behind the creation of the Love'n Bake line. In 1924, Carl Peckler left Austria and settled in Brooklyn, New York. He was a talented baker and applied his craft – making old–world baking ingredients for a new–world market. He prepared small batches of almond paste, marzipan, fruit filling and other spreads.  Like many hard working immigrants from those early years, born from his talent and determination was the American Almond Products Company, a leading manufacturer of Marzipan, Almond Paste and other nut products for the professional baking industry. Today, after more than 80 years, pastry chefs and bakers still depend on American Almond Products for these ingredients.

Because so many home bakers inquired about their products, in 2005 the American Almond Products Company decided to sell a select assortment to retailers and created the Love'n Bake product line. And we are delighted with that decision!

The "Schmears" are very easy to use and eliminate the need to prepare a "from scratch" filling.  Available in snap–top cans, just spread them on any type of dough and bake. They are used as fillings for yeasted sweet dough coffee cakes, sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, and rugelach.  Swirl any "Schmear" filling into cake batter or spread between layers of sugar–cookie or biscuit dough. Frozen kosher puff pastry squares can be used to create turnovers or Danish pastries. There are many ways that the inventive baker can fine to use this very flavorful baking product.  The Love'n Bake website even offers tips for using their products without a recipe!

The Chocolate "Schmear" is best described as decadently chocolate – it tastes like fudge frosting! It is all–natural and gluten–free. Place a spoonful of Chocolate "Schmear" into unbaked cupcakes or muffins—instant chocolate filling! Or try this recipe for Chocolate Rugelach.

We love to make yeast dough recipes and prepared the Love'n Bake Almond Pastry Ring. In a word – Divine! The finished product tasted professional and we credit that to the filling. It was perfect with a cup of coffee or tea. The next day, we heated a slice briefly in the microwave oven...was that ever good!

Next on our baking agenda are Cinnamon Buns. We have already opened the can for a taste and loved the distinct aroma of cinnamon. This recipe also uses yeast dough and yields 12 rolls – can't wait!

The "Schmears" are available in 12–ounce cans and are certified OK kosher parve (as are all the Love'n Bake products). What a treat to have this product available to the consumer. It will become a stable in our pantry; an easy go–to item that will help us create yummy baked treats.

Visit the Love'n Bake website for additional product information, to learn about their other baking products and to view a complete listing of recipes.  Also, to keep up with the latest recipes and baking news, visit Love'n Bake's In The News Blog. The Chocolate "Schmear" Filling, Cinnamon "Schmear" Filling , and Almond "Schmear" Filling are also available on

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