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When Robert Bernton graduated from Emory University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, he had already established the groundwork for his career path. Although Emory is host to more than 2,100 Jewish undergraduates, a kosher meal plan was lacking at the school.

Robert took a leadership role at Emory, both as president of Hillel and in lobbying for and helping Emory to establish a kosher meal plan. Robert’s philosophy “Kosher food is more than merely a sustenance choice—it is a way of life.”  The popularity of the plan was immediate!  As Robert explains “Sometimes talking for hours, students used this kosher meal plan as a vehicle to improve their lives on campus.”

Robert’s path to a more observant lifestyle, and a desire to serve the Jewish community,began in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. Although he was brought up in a non–religious home, his parents made the decision to send him to a Jewish Day School, The Rocky Mountain Hebrew Academy (now known as the Denver Jewish Day School) and then allowed him to spend time in Israel. These two combined experiences changed his life. “I have been to Israel four times. The first time I went, I was about 13 and I went on a family trip. Then when I was 17, I spent about 5 weeks in Israel on a youth trip. This was an incredible experience for me; this trip was the catalyst that really made me want to start keeping kosher. I have been keeping kosher ever since then (summer of 2004).

His passion to pair his Jewish path with his business expertise came to fruition in August 2010, when he established his company The Kosher Express – an online business to supply kosher meat and poultry to consumers nationwide – even in remote locations. According to the company’s mission ““The Kosher Express is a vehicle of change; driving the Kosher experience into the next generation and bringing communities together with the highest quality of kosher food—directly to your door… any person, anywhere, should have access to the finest, strictly certified kosher food with the click of a button.”

Doing good, is good business, and also the Jewish way! So Robert has created a philanthropic program, the Tzedek Express.  Through this program, The Kosher Express donates up to 10% of sales to participating synagogues, Jewish day schools, and non-profit organizations.

The Product
We had the opportunity to taste some products from The Kosher Express:
•  Boneless short ribs (succulent, tender, flavorful). We nearly licked the braiser! Plan on approximately 1/2 pound per person. Try either, or both, of these recipes - BBQ Boneless Ribs and Boneless Beef Short Ribs.

•  Mehadrin chicken – Enjoyed both fresh taste, flavor and appearance (delighted to report that we found very few pin feathers in our two chicken samples). Try this Oven-Roasted Lemon Chicken recipe– a Shabbat classic. By the way, Mehadrin has provided a video tour of their processing plant. 

We were impressed by the quality of the samples. The meats (beef and bison)  sold by The Kosher Express are antibiotic and hormone free, and vegetarian fed; the poultry is all natural and antibiotic free.

For more information, including kashruth, and to ordering information, please visit 

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