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The Heering brand is legendary and historical. Cherry Heering liqueur, purveyor to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and to the Royal Danish Court, has been produced since 1818 and is truly the original “cherry brandy.” Created by Peter F. Heering, the nearly 200–year–old brand is now sold in more than 100 countries, and has been blended into cocktails associated with the entire British Empire and many other Royal Courts throughout Europe.

In the early 19th century, most spirits were local: In the West Indies, the drink was rum; in London, it was predominately gin, but as the British Empire expanded, Heering Cherry liqueur attained a global following.  The British, along with their colonial friends, ensured that Heering cherry liqueur was available. They believed that a bit of Heering “helped keep life civilized.” In British speak – it was the “proper” drink.

And so it was born.  Cherry Heering liqueur is a sweet, full-bodied liqueur, ruby red in color and produced in Denmark since 1818. The recipe is a  family secret, handed down through five generations. Cherry Heering liqueur is made entirely from Danish cherries, spirits and spices and without any artificial flavors, additives or coloring.

Legend has it that in 1919, in the lobby of the Raffles hotel in Singapore, the very first globally enjoyed cocktail was born, and this drink became a classic –  the still popular Singapore Sling.  And this was just the beginning. Cherry Herring claims the distinction of being part of some of the world's most classic cocktails – "not to take center stage, but to contribute to the grander picture.”

And after two centuries, a new Heering was born in 2007!  The company introduced Heering Coffee Liqueur, a blend of Caribbean rum, dark coffee and rich cocoa, also with no additives or artificial coloring. We raise our glasses to both of these exceptional OU kosher certified  spirits.

Enjoy the following drink recipes, courtesy of Heering –  KosherEye has adapted them for the kosher drinker:
•  Singapore Sling
•  Copenheering
•  Red Russian
•  Heering Coffee Martini
•  Heering White Russian
•  Heering Latte

January 12, 2011

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