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Thanks to Atlanta foodie and former restaurateur Shelley S., we have re-discovered a turkey “sleeper” - a cut of turkey that has been under the radar for several years. We intend to bring this cut to the forefront so that it may attain its rightful status as a prime cut of poultry! Yes, we are speaking of the turkey chop!

About Turkey Chops

The re-discovery:  When we served the chops to a  test group of 10 very  willing eaters, not one could identify this luscious cut. Our panel of tasters guessed veal and lamb, and had they not been a kosher group, we surmise that a pork guess would have definitely been in the majority. Absolutely none, realized that they were eating turkey!

So what exactly are turkey chops?

According to the National Turkey Federation, turkey chops are actually created from turkey diagonally cut across the grain from the breast portion. Each chop usually weighs in at 4 to 8 ounces. The chops contain little fat, are bone-in and skinless but the thickness can vary. They can be grilled, sautéed or roasted.  Most interesting, is the taste. When grilled, sautéed or baked the chop tastes more like meat than poultry. It is tender and works well with many sauces, both savery and sweet.

The earliest mention of Turkey chops that we could find was a fascinating November 17, 1999 NY Times article by Marian Burros  titled:  Maybe Pigs Do Fly: This Chop Isn't Pork. We think that this cut of poultry is a delicious  addition to a healthy menu. We are excited about discovering (or shall we say re-discovering it) and sharing it with you! Try it, you’ll like it. Indeed, Koshereye thinks that turkey chops should be considered as a creative new choice for a non- traditional and unique Thanksgiving entrée!

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