Wrap and Roll with Nasoya

Chinese, Convenient and Kosher


Sunday nights at the Chinese restaurants has always been a standard part of Jewish humor. And yes it’s true, the kosher cook does has a “love affair” with Asian food.

Nasoya  makes it simple to prepare many Asian dishes in the kosher kitchen. The Company was founded in 1978, when two men began producing tofu in a barn in Leominster, Massachusetts. In 1990 Nasoya was acquired by Vitasoy USA. Yes, Nasoya, with its Asian products, is actually an American success story and is kosher certified by the OU!

Nasoya products are staples in our refrigerators. We use Nasoya tofu (extra firm) and noodles in our stir fries and Chinese dishes. We also often use the convenient Asian wraps – both the egg roll and won ton wraps. They are so easy and convenient to separate, fill and seal. Not only are they perfect for Asian dishes, but we have used them for Italian specialties such as ravioli, and for a simple shortcut to prepare those famous Jewish dumplings better known as kreplach!

Nasoya tofu is exceptional, but for now, we are sharing the wrap on Asian wraps!

Watch these videos and learn how to wrap and roll at:

Enjoy the following recipe from Nasoya  for Imitation Kosher Crab Wraps with Dipping Sauce and KosherEye's Signature Egg Roll recipe.

For more about Nasoya products including Tofu, which we will cover in a future column, please visit Nasoya.com.

February 28, 2011

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