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Cheers from Croatia

advinkavodkaDrinking vodka straight up is not for beginners, not for the newbie, or is it?  Similar to single malt scotch, we can confidently report that certain brands of vodka (and scotch) are so smooth, and soft, that they are enjoyable even straight up or on ice. After our tasting of Akvinta vodka we can share that this is one of those special brands.

Akvinta is a luxury, super premium vodka; triple distilled from organic Italian wheat and spring water. Produced in the Mediterranean region of Croatia , the brand is certified both organic and kosher. A Quintuple filtration process of 5 natural filters - charcoal, marble silver, gold and platinum – seems to account for its smooth taste. This filtration system results in vodka of crystal clarity and smooth taste.

The word Akvinta is derived from the Latin Aqua “water” and “vinum”, wine, and “Quinta”, “five” referring to its unique filtration process.

The company describes their product… ”as a vodka with light lemon citrus nose, a touch of sweetness, a light peppery mouth feel, and very smooth finish with no burn.”  We agree. Akvinta is truly superb vodka, particularly appealing when it is well chilled, (We always keep our vodka in the freezer.) Yes, we enjoyed it straight up, in a chilled glass, with two cubes of ice. It is also a luxurious treat in mixed drinks and cocktails, especially those made with juices or fruit ingredients.

Since arriving in the U.S., Akvinta one of Europe’s most popular vodka brands has acquired accolades and gold medals for both its bottle design and taste. Akvinta vodka is kosher certified by the chief Rabbinate of Croatia, Dr. Kotel Da-Dom, a Kashrut agency on the recommended list of the CRC, the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

Try the following Akvinta cocktail recipes – Akvinta Daisy, Imotski Fizz, Espresso Martini and Akvinta Sour - enjoy!

Visit Akvinta on their website, Akvinta.com.

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