Matzel Toff! – A Scrumptious Kosher for Passover Gift

Irresistible, Chocolate, Toffee Treat


Chewy, chocolaty, crunchy delicious.  We discovered this award-winning product at Kosherfest. Who would have ever guessed that matzo would be a go-to treat for year round snacking? But Matzel Toff is! This luscious toffee- chocolate matzah confection is available in 5 flavors, two of which are kosher for Passover including, parve dark chocolate, and parve dark chocolate with coconut (their newest flavor).  Both delicious! The company starts with Streit’s Matzoh, and enrobes each board in various types of deep, rich chocolate. There are neither artificial flavors nor preservatives in the product.  

matzeltoffsaltysm When  we first encountered Matzel Toff,  we tasted the dark chocolate with sea salt flavor.  The combination of salty and sweet flavors was irresistible. We could hardly stop eating!  

Co-founders Abby Levy and Phillip Guttman envision this product as a year round treat. And, so do we.  It began as a family favorite as so many products do. Toffee chocolate coated matzah was a specialty of Phillip’s Bubbie Edith. He enjoyed her recipe so much that he tweaked it, and became known among friends for bringing this “treat” to dinner parties. Eventually, his friend Abby recognized its potential, and helped give the product a gourmet makeover. Their company, Matzel Toff, was founded in 2007. This toffee-and-chocolate-covered matzah has been featured on both The Martha Stewart Show and The Rachael Ray Show. It is sold nationwide and online.

Good News! It’s not too late to order for Passover. A KosherEye gift yourself, or gift others selection. To learn more about this fabulous product or to order, visit

April 11, 2011

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