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Clean, Dust, Wash, Smile


How we love to cook and entertain. We have a passion for creating recipes and serving them to family and friends. But as you might expect, during preparation, there is always quite a mess to clean. And then, of course, there is more cleaning after the meals are served. Dishes, counters and floors all need scrubbing, cleaning, wiping, shining. And, alas, not everything goes in the dishwasher.  So, just as we use efficient culinary tools to cook and bake, KosherEye is always searching for the best cleaning “assistants” for the kitchen, and for the rest of the house. For our kitchens, our new personal cleaning assistant is Libman.

William (Bill) Libman a Lithuanian immigrant to the U.S., founded Libman. For more than 117 years, the Libman family has made cleaning products with a singular mission: quality. The original goal was to make the finest, most durable wire-wound corn brooms. It was the best seller from Bill’s pushcart of sundries and cleaning tools. Since that day, the family, including William’s sons, grandsons and great-grandchildren, have widely expanded the company to include mops, brooms, brushes,cleaning tools and a complete line of floor cleaners.

Based in Illinois, The Libman Company has expanded its product line to become the leading manufacturer of high–quality brooms, mops and brushes in the United States. Today, it is still family run, by the fourth generation of Libmans. And now meet our new found cleaning assistants from Libman, and they are all made in the USA:

The Floors:
Freedom Spray Mop
This all in one cleaning tool includes a detachable, 18 oz. cleaning solution bottle so that you can use and refill the mop bottle with any solution you choose. The cleaning pads are machine washable, scratch-free, and reusable, which saves money. The mop has a self powered solution sprayer with comfort fit trigger so that the amount of solution sprayed on the floor can be easily controlled. According to Libman, the mop's microfiber pad can be washed about 50 times until it needs to be replace. This mop is usable on any hard surface floor, including wood or tile.. 

Freedom Dust Mop
This floor duster mop has a machine washable, reusable microfiber"fingers" cleaning pad - re-usable up to 100 times, and created to lift and remove dust, dirt and pet hair. We use this throughout the house on our hardwood floors. So much better than a broom. Libman recommends using the Freedom Dust Mop for dry dusting, and then the spray mop for cleaning when necessary.

Cook, Serve, Clean
All of the following cleaning tools have long handles – no need to keep hands in soap and water. They make cleaning fun – well almost!

Culinary Brush         libmanculinarybrush-1
This 6-inch handled brush is perfect for scrubbing potatoes. It even has a tiny potato eye remover attached.

Glass Dish Sponge
This handled cylindrical sponge makes cleaning china and glassware a cinch. The 7” handle makes it easy to can reach down into the

Dish Scrub and Soap Dispenser
Now this one is a favorite. It’s an all in one handled sponge and soap dispenser. We filled the 7” handle with liquid dish soap and washed away. It scrubs, scrapes, angles, cleans.

We thank the Libman Company for providing cleaning tips for our readers. For more about Libman visit

Watch this video demonstration on the Libman Freedom Mop.


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