It’s All in the BAG at Hiroko’s Kitchen

Hiroko's Kitchen infusion bag No, we didn’t even know that we wanted or needed this product. And, now, we absolutely consider it part of our essential culinary collection!

Have you ever spent your valuable time on "fishing" in the kitchen?  Often, when preparing soup, we used to tediously go "fishing" at the end of the process.  We would try to hook and remove the extra stringy herbs or spices, in order to create a basically smooth, clear broth. Of course, straining or tying cheesecloth was an option, but then came our Hiroko’s kitchen discovery. Why strain, when Hiroko offers a tasty, simple and inexpensive solution to this culinary dilemma?

Hiroko’s Kitchen sells disposable, boilable, textured, self-closing cloth bags. Simply add the spices or bouquet garni to one of the disposable bags and insert the bag into the soup. The bag will not degrade, shred or decompose.  And there is no need to tie in the flavors, herbs or spices… simply insert the flavoring items into the disposable bag and fold over the self-closing flap.  We have been using these handy herb/spice bags for a more than a year. We have found that in addition to ensuring a clear soup, when we want a flavorful but clear broth, these easy to use disposable bags have many uses.

So what else can you do with Hiroko’s disposable boilable bags, in addition to adding a bouquet garni to soup? Just about any brewing or infusing task we could think of...infuse rice (ginger, garlic, lime); make herbal tea (add fresh mint from the garden); use as a potpourri holder to scent drawers (we used our own dried lavender!); infuse vodka or liqueur (try orange peel, vanilla bean).  Be creative!

Send us a note and let us know what you do with these versatile and inexpensive kitchen helpers!

Order it from Hiroko’s Kitchen, $5.95, including shipping, for a box of 30 4x4 cloth textured permeable bags!

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