Thermapen – Super–Fast, Digital, Splash-Proof

When Temperature Counts!


Many kosher cooks spend even more time in the kitchen preparing meals than the typical homemaker. Therefore, it follows that we are always searching for innovative and unique kitchen accessories to make the cooking experience more efficient, more pleasurable, more accurate and more delicious. Enter the Thermapen, by Thermoworks.

Initially we were attracted to this instant read digital thermometer by the luscious color range (yes, we admit it, who can resist outer beauty?) But then, we tested it and found it to be an essential and easy to use kitchen tool, one that can keep us both healthy and happy. Most people are aware that a common problem in cooking and baking is overdone or underdone food. The former tastes bad and the latter can be dangerous. A cooking thermometer can overcome this concern, but until now, we have not found one that we liked. Some are too slow, others inaccurate and uncalibrated.

Thermoworks, located just south of Salt Lake City, Utah, markets products that are manufactured in both the U.S. and in partnering factories in Europe and Asia.  The company’s specialties are “all things thermal” and the Salt Lake City location actually runs its own calibration lab and service departments. From Thermoworks:Whether you want to measure temperature in a backyard BBQ, a chain of a thousand hamburger shops, or in the transport of critical pharmaceutical products, we'll take your call and help you find a solution.”  The Thermapen is a professional tool (originally designed for commercial kitchens, labs and manufacturing plants) that has become the top consumer-cooking thermometer for home use.

We have previously used lower cost thermometers, only to be disappointed with results.  Why invest, yes we said invest, in a Thermapen and not purchase a $6.99 food thermometer at a discount store? First and foremost is accuracy, then flexibility of use, and finally longevity. Many home cooks expend much money, time, and effort in meal preparation. Knowing the optimum readiness temperature and when that temperature is reached is important-- likely the difference between a good meal and a sensational meal. In addition, using a thermometer and understanding temperature effects can avoid bacteria and food borne illnesses such as those caused by salmonella.

A Thermapen™ can be used for virtually anything that needs to be cooked or chilled, such as meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, casseroles, re–heated foods, breads, cakes, deep-frying and candy and more…

We tested the Thermapen at a special family occasion when we served a boneless standing rib roast. The meat was costly, so if overcooked, it would have been quite disturbing. What we especially liked about this thermometer is that we could easily insert it in various parts of the roast both at the ends and center, and immediately knew whether the meat was ready to remove from the oven. (Our preference is rare at the center, 120 degrees, and medium rare at the ends. We removed it from the oven when the center reached 120 degrees, covered it with foil, and served it about 30 minutes later. We tried our Thermapen on roast chicken, and also when making our strawberry jam recipe. Our next trial will be on bread and baked goods. Can’t wait to try it on challah.

The Super-Fast Digital Thermapen is fully sealed and splash proof:

  • Measures temperatures from 52 degrees to 572 degrees
  • A needle thin tip for inserting – very versatile
  • Display can be changed from Fahrenheit to Centigrade
  • Stainless steel probe folds back to compactly store locked in place
  • Simple to operate – and fun! 
Just open the probe and the Thermapen™ comes on. Close it and it shuts off.

Jack Bishop, the gadget guru of America's Test Kitchen, a popular cooking show on PBS, calls it the Rolls Royce of thermometers, and it was selected as a Cook's Illustrated Test Kitchen Winner. According to Bishop “It's something you can be pretty sure most people don't own, or if they do own one, they don't own a very good one. If you're on a quest for culinary perfection, you will want a Thermapen™.  Add up the expense of wasted meats alone and you'll justify the cost of this professional tool”

thermapencolorsWe agree with Jack! The Superfast Thermapen is a KosherEye gift yourself or gift others pick. We even like the instruction book, which accompanied our Thermapen.  We could actually understand it! Consider one of these as a pre-Passover purchase, a bridal shower gift or a gift for your favorite cook.  And then those colors – luscious! KosherEye will busily continue to measure temperature and report on  our findings.

From Thermoworks, Chef–Recommended Temps chart.

Features of the Splash-Proof Thermapen.

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February 21, 2012

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