Roul'Pat® and SILPAIN®

by SILPAT®, the Original Non-Stick Baking Mat

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Not only do the ingredients we use in baking affect the results of the finished product, but so do the tools and techniques. The color of the pan − dark or light; regular or non−stick; to grease or not to grease; to line with parchment paper; too much flour used when rolling dough − each is a part of the baking equation.

Demarle, Inc., the makers of SILPAT® the original non-stick baking mat, have two additional products that are wonderful and useful tools for the home baker: The Roul'Pat® non–stick countertop workstation and the SILPAIN® non–stick baking mat. Both of these tools help the home baker achieve professional results.

We love to bake pies and, when time allows, make our own pie crusts. We also love to make pizza, and again when time allows, use fresh pizza dough. And of course, homemade bread – there are even those of us who love to knead the dough. The Roul'Pat® non–stick countertop workstation mat is the perfect surface to use for kneading bread dough and rolling out dough or pie crust.Just place it on the countertop and it doesn't move; it actually adheres to the counter surface and doesn't slide. And the dough does not stick to the mat during kneading or rolling – a small amount of flour can be used.  Clean up is easy; just wipe with a damp sponge and rinse with water. After it is thoroughly dry, roll up and put away or store flat.

The Roul'Pat® non-stick workstation is available in three sizes:

  1. Half Size 11-5/8” x 16-1/2”
  2. Full Size 16-1/2” x 24-1/2”
  3. Large Size 23” x 31-1/2”

The SILPAIN® is a non-stick baking mat used for baking bread. Its unique design is perfect for baking homemade pizza, rolls, buns, biscuits, and bread. The mat has perforated qualities that allow water from the bread dough to seep through the mat, resulting in a crusty finish. It can be used in all types of ovens and provides even heat-transfer to the baked goods.  And it can be placed directly in the oven, on the rack without a pan, to bake individual pizza slices. The SILPAIN® mat can be reused thousands of times and can also be used in the freezer. No greasing is required because nothing sticks to it. Like the Roul'Pat®, clean up is easy - just wipe with a damp sponge and rinse with water. After it is thoroughly dry, roll up and put away or store flat. We love this mat and suggest having two – one for dairy pizza and one for parve bread. If you like the SILPAT® you will love this mat.

The SILPAIN® mat is available in US Half Size, 11 5/8” x 16 1/2” and fits a 13” x 18” Pan.

These amazing products are the creation of M. Guy Demarle, who founded Dermarle 1965 in Northern France. Being an experienced baker, he was seeking a better way to make baguette bread with forms using non–stick silicone coatings. Not only did he invent the first non–stick baguette baking trays, but he also proceeded to invent and create the original SILPAT® mat.

All SILPAT® products are made in France and are coated with food grade silicone. The Atlanta Kashruth Commission (AKC) allows usage, without a kosher certification, of  non–food products containing food grade silicone. We suggest that you also check with your local kashruth authority.

The Roul'Pat® Work Station and the SILPAIN® Mat make a great couple – one is used for the prep and the other for the finished product. We vote to keep them together!

Visit for more product information. Available on Silpain for Bread and the Roul'Pat Non-Stick Countertop Work Station.

The adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" is so true, especially with these two fabulous baking aides. Watch the two video demonstrations and you will see why we love them!

Roul'Pat® Work Station. We like to use Yves Veggie Cuisine Meatless Pepperoni on our pizza. It is OU kosher, parve, vegan.


February 23, 2012

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