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KosherEye has had the opportunity to test some products from The Pampered Chef, working with experienced Pampered Chef  consultant,Judy Garber*. A few of our favorites are detailed below:

Small Flexible Cutting Mat (Set of 3), #1015 – $10.00
pchefcuttingboards1015Sometimes you simply don’t need a huge cutting surface to slice or dice  – often times smaller is better. That’s where these 10-1/2 x 8-1/2 mats make superb kitchen helpers. Use them to slice single fruits and vegetables or for a  speedy ingredient chop of a single tomato, onion or garlic. The  mats are flexible, dishwasher safe, and even have measurement markings to guide cut-size. Since they are bendable, it is easy to funnel/transfer ingredients to a cooking vessel.  And, the set of 3 is perfect for the kosher home – Mats are 3 different colors – yellow, green and red, color-coded: Green for fruits and veggies; Red for red meats; Yellow for poultry.  That's great for eliminating cross-contamination of your flexible cutting mats. And of course, for the kosher home to differentiate parve, meat, dairy.

pchefmicrocooker2778Large Micro-Cooker®, #2778 – $11.00
This tool is customized for microwave cooking — to heat soups or cook vegetables. The vented lid doubles as strainer, and includes built-in pour spouts and dual handles. The 2–quart Micro-Cooker® is ideal for all types and sizes of microwave ovens. Standard and metric measurement markings on the inside allow you to measure directly in the micro-cooker. We use this cooker all the time. Our favorite use: to steam vegetables including green beans, broccoli and cauliflower.

pchefsimpleslicer1099Simple Slicer, #1099  – $30.00
This tool works well and safely on creating uniform slices of  fruits or vegetables. The blade adjusts to three thicknesses — 1/16", 1/8" and 3/16" A safety lock on the handle raises the body so the blade isn’t exposed when stored. It is versatile and can be used over a bowl or by hand; nonskid feet keep it steady. Dishwasher-safe. We have sliced tomatoes, onions and potatoes with this tool. The Simple Slicer also includes a food holder for safety and lock feature for storage.

pchefbbq2714BBQ Roasting Pan & Can Holder, #2714 – $39.50
Grill meats and vegetables simultaneously. For super-moist chicken, put a 12-oz. can of beer or soda in the detachable can holder and place the chicken on top to barbecue. Small holes and solid side walls keep food contained while turning. Pan, 14" x 12"; can holder, 2½" x 4". Dishwasher-safe. Works great in the oven also; we placed it on a wire rack, set in a low roasting pan, and baked the chicken at 350 degrees for about 1 1/2 hours. Best tasting chicken we have made – moist and juicy. A real winner!

pchefchipmaker1241Microwave Chip Maker, #1241– $26.50
Healthier homemade chips in just minutes! Large silicone plates can be used alone or stacked. Holes and scalloped bases allow for air flow while cooking to make light and crispy chips without frying. Try potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples and more! Set of two; 11–inches. Dishwasher-safe. We made potato chips and cut them by hand (tried to get all of them thin). Our chips needed to cooker longer than the chart suggested, but they were good. Next time we will experiment with flavored salt. Great healthy snack for the family.

pchefshaker2265Measure, Mix & Pour®, #2265 – $12.50
So easy and so much fun. Four recipes are printed right on the container. Just measure ingredients, mix with the whisk-plunger and voila,  homemade dressing .Dishwasher-safe. We have tried all 4 recipes. Delicious and simple!

To order or browse tools from The Pampered Chef, visit Judy at PamperedChef. Do let us know which tools from The Pampered Chef are YOUR favorites.

*Pampered Chef Consultant, Judy Garber, who taught herself to cook while in college, has long enjoyed experimenting with different recipes. Acquiring some praiseworthy skills, she not only enjoyed cooking for friends, but Judy also loved visiting great kitchen stores, where she’d search for gourmet pots and interesting gadgets. Later, as a mom and wife devoted to preparing kosher dishes for every day, holiday and Shabbos meals, Judy grew especially fond of time–saving devices.  When she first saw a Pampered Chef catalog back in 2000, she wanted to order almost every item for herself and then immediately tell all of her friends about the innovative products and preparation tips. Learning that was just what a Pampered Chef representative did, she immediately embarked upon a second career.

October 31, 2012

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