VinOair Wine Aerator

From Cork Pops, Inc.


We have never used a wine aerator nor considered the necessity of having one. What is it and why use one? Simply stated, after opening a bottle of wine (especially red), the wine needs to breathe (be exposed to air) to bring out the maximum flavor and aroma. One way to accomplish this is to pour the wine into a decanter. Another way is to use a wine aerator, a device that injects air into the wine.

VinOair Wine Aerator by Cork Pops, Inc., fits directly into the wine bottle and, in addition to aerating the wine, serves as a pourer and dripless wine stopper. The aerator remains in the bottle so that with each pouring the wine is aerated. According to Cork Pops, their aerator has a specially designed duel venturi chamber which pulls twice the vacuum as the leading venturi aerators. Most aerators pull 10-inch vacuum and the VinoAir pulls a 20-inch vacuum. The compact size lends to easy portability.

We used the VinOair on a bottle of Borgo Reale Sangiovese, a popular red wine that, according to the winemakers notes, is  a "very easy wine to drink and enjoy." We like the fruity cherry aroma of this wine. We tasted it after uncorking the bottle and it was nice and easy to drink. We placed the VinOair wine aerator into the bottle and poured another glass. There was a noticeable difference as the aerated wine had a smoother and fuller taste.

The VinOair can be used for both red and white wines. The bottom line--what a fun product to try! What a fun way to use and learn about the VinOair!  We recommend using the VinOair Wine Aerator. Also available on

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