FusionBrands FoodPod™

A Pod in Every Pot


We saw this fascinating looking gadget at the AmericasMart Gift Show in Atlanta, GA and instantly knew that we had to try it!

What is this we asked?  It is a FoodPod™-- designed by FusionBrands, makers of the PoachPod and the FoodLoop.

What does it do and how do we use it we asked? It is a cooking vessel designed specifically as a simple and convenient way to keep foods together for quick and easy removal from cooking liquids.

Made from flexible, food-safe silicone, the FoodPod™ is immersed into the cooking liquid and has a built-in grip that allows easy removal from the pot. There are three easy steps for using: fill the pod with food items, immerse into the cooking liquid and, when done, lift out of the pot.  The water drains back into the pot and eliminates the use of a strainer. Now how easy it that!

It can be used to nest a dozen eggs for boiling, blanch veggies or, our favorite, hold the fixings for making chicken soup. We filled the food pod with carrots, onion, celery, parsley, parsnip and leeks. No more "fishing" in our chicken soup pot to remove this stuff when the soup is finished. We just lifted, drained and, “voilà”  it was removed!

For KosherEye, there will always be a FoodPod™ in our pot. 

The FoodPod™ is dishwasher safe (top rack), 6-inches in diameter/ 5-inches tall, and the flexible silicone design compresses to fit any pot size and allows easy storage.

The FoodPod™ is a definite addition to KosherEye's Gift Yourself-Gift Others list.

For additional information on FusionBrands FoodPod™: Also available on Amazon.com.