FireWire Flexible Grilling Skewers


What a fabulous invention – flexible grilling skewers!  We tried them, loved them, and say..."once you have used these, you will never go back to using "traditional" skewers for grilling!"

So what is this wondrous grilling accessory?  The FireWire is a 27–inch, flexible, stainless steel cable. It eliminates the hassle of trying to fit multiple skewers on the grill, plus find grill space for the other food items you want to make. Just place your other items on the gill and "snake" the FireWire around and between them.

Remember how frustrating it is to turn the skewers and have the meat turn in several different directions–not in the direction you want? The coil–style construction of the FireWire eliminates that problem. Turn the FireWire and the contents of the skewer turn with it. In addition, the tips of the FireWire are cool to the touch (they hang over the side of the grill and are not exposed to the heat) and make using them easy and safe.  The cooked contents are easily removed from the skewers.

The 27–inch length allows for double the amount contained on the traditional sized metal skewer.  Additional, the flexibility of the coil allows the skewers to fit into a bowl or resealable bag for marinating. When finished using, just pop into the dishwasher – yes they are dishwasher safe and come with a lifetime warranty.

We salute the producers of this "why didn't we think of it" invention. Inno–Labs, is a product development company located in Winfield, Kansas. It  was founded in 2001 by Todd Gentry, who is also the company C.E.O. He previously was a co–founder of a regional internet provider that was ultimately acquired by EarthLink.

The FireWire has received several awards:

The San Francisco Gourmet Housewares Show selected the FireWire the 2009 Gourmet Golds Award winner in the Gadgets, Cutlery, and Accessories category and said, "Grilling enthusiasts are going to flip for this terrifically inventive idea."

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute selected the FireWire as a recipient of the 2010 VIP Award. The award recognizes "products  that stand out for their inventive approach to helping families improve their lives in ingenious ways."  

KosherEye declares the FireWire Flexible Grilling Skewers a "Gift yourself, Gift others" item!  We have provided the following recipes as a tasty way to try out the FireWire on your grill:

Chicken Yakitori with Scallions (Traditional Style Japanese Kebabs), Spicy Beef Kebabs, Grilled Lamb Kebabs with Coriander and Cumin, and Grilled Marinated Vegetable Kebabs.

 Enjoy and Happy Grilling!

The FireWire is available at major retail locations. For a complete listing, or for more information on this unique product, please visit  Also available at

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