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Four Products to Simplify Your Kitchen


Get Organized!

In the kitchen, a place where most of us spend many hours daily, organization is the key to time and space efficiency. One of the messiest areas in our kitchens has always been that “under the counter- plastic container” disaster area! There are lids everywhere, a jumble of containers – round, square, rectangular and nothing seems to fit together!

In our kitchens we have TWO such disaster areas, one for meat and one for milk. Both equally need and deserve a makeover! Can we get one of those TV reality design shows to come in, clean up the mess and make us smile at the end with a “surprise unveil”? No, we doubt it, but we do have a solution to share!

KosherKeepers are re-usable plastic containers and are available in four sizes: 8, 16, 32 and 64-ounce containers. They are color coded and printed in three different colors:red – meat, green – pareve, and, blue – dairy. The lids match the words on the containers; so lids and containers are easy to find. And – here’s the rest of the story- they are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, recyclable, bpa–free and microwave reheatable. They are also stackable for easy storage and available in three assorted size combinations. Now, how about that?

KosherEye thinks that KosherKeepers are a value and considers this product a keeper — a kosher–keeper!

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Get Clean!
cape cod tinCape Cod Polishing Cloths

An easy clean! "Everything Old is New Again!"

Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths are soft, reusable cotton cloths containing just the right amount of amazing metal polish. Simply wipe away tarnish to reveal a sparkling shine. The polishing cloth works on silver, brass, copper and most fine metals. Safe and easy to use, they have a vanilla fragrance and leave an anti-tarnish finish. We used it on our silver jewelry too! It’s definitely a quick-shine!

Cape Cod Polishing Cloths are kosher certified by the Rabbinical Council of New England (KVH).

For additional product information, to locate a store near you, or to learn how to care for your metal keepsakes, please visit Also available on

It’s a Wrap!
PaperChef - Cook like the greats!

paperchefb_Non-stick culinary parchment is the perfect wrap and a time saving secret of the world’s great chefs. Convenient, disposable, healthy, it is oven safe to 425-degrees F. Its non-stick properties allow the cook to line cookware, lessen the use of oil, butter and sprays, and makes clean-up a snap!  We discovered PaperChef culinary parchment recently at New York’s Fancy Food Show and have become fans!  In addition to its non-stick properties, it is an environmentally friendly, and made from renewable, sustainable sources. It is 100% biodegradable and compostable,  and Star K kosher certified.

PaperChef culinary parchment products:

The bags: Pre-folded parchment cooking bags; simply place food inside and steam.
The wrap: Multi–purpose parchment cooking paper; line pans, baking sheets, casserole dishes.
The baking cups: Liners for mini, large or extra large muffin tins.

The Recipes – What a collection and all are formulated for baking with parchment. Of course, in the recipe for braised mushrooms, KosherEye recommends substituting kosher smoked turkey or a kosher "bacon" flavored product instead of real bacon! Or, just eliminate it entirely.

PaperChef products are Star-K kosher certified.

Please visit for additional product information, recipes and to view Parchment 101 video. PaperChef Parchment Cooking Bags and PaperChef Parchment Paper are also available on

It’s in the Bag!
breadarmorBread Armor Artisan Bread Bags

Air is the enemy of freshly baked bread!

You’ve mixed the dough, baked the bread, let it cool – but then what? Or, you’ve purchased a freshly baked loaf at the bakery, and after slicing a few pieces, how should you store it? We’ve all used plastic bags, freezer wrap, recycled grocery bags and foil for storage. Now there is a better choice- a bag designed to protect bread! It is resealable, reusable “saves the bread, and saves your money’!

The company is proud of their mission: “The Bread Armor bag is a reusable shield that will guard your grains by locking in bakery or homemade freshness until you're ready to eat it.”

Bread Armor is available in three sizes Ciabatta, French and Baguette. For our purposes, we especially like the Ciabatta 8.4 x 17.5–inch bag for large braided challahs and oversized loafs, and the French 7.5 x 22.9–inch bag for standard 1–pound loafs.

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View a demo on these wonderful bread bags.

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