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KosherEye "Foodie" Friend
Wild Thymes Fourth of July Menu Suggestions 


We are delighted to feature the Wild Thymes products...again! Then, as now, "we think this gourmet condiment line of chutneys, dipping sauces, cranberry sauces, marinades, vinaigrettes and fruit based salad refreshers are fabulous!"  And we aren't the only ones. Wild Thymes Thai Chili Roasted Garlic Dipping Sauce, has been selected as a Silver Finalist in the 2010 NASFT sofi™ Awards Competition in the Cooking Sauce or Flavor Enhancer category. 

Wild Thymes Farms Inc., a "family-owned and run" business, was started by Ann's mother, Enid Stettner. Ann joined her mother in the business and together they developed the current Wild Thymes product line.  Ann is responsible for recipe development and we are delighted that she created a fantastic Fourth of July Menu for our KosherEye readers.  The recipes are easy and will look and taste like you spent hours in the kitchen.

We asked Ann what inspired her to create this menu. "My inspiration for the menus was “summer around the world”. I tried to mix it up and offer out dishes that are inspired by some of my favorite global cuisines."   And inspired she was!  So many options and all of them are so good...enjoy!

July 4th Kosher Menu Options

A Trio of Drinks:
  Cranberry Lemonade (non-alcoholic)
  Cranberry Mimosa’s 
  Lemon Lime Cocktail

Salads & Side Dishes
Guacamole Salad
Frisée, Beet & Pecan Salad with Orange Vinaigrette
Asparagus in Lemon Vinaigrette
Minty Chickpea Salad with Couscous
German Potato Salad
Bulgar Salad with Nectarines, Parsley & Pistachios

Main Courses
Korean Style Short Ribs
Tuna Burgers with Chili Ginger Mustard Glaze
Moroccan Marinated Fish Steaks

Fresh Berry Shortcakes
Cranberry Raspberry Sorbet

Please read excerpts from our conversation with the talented Ann Stettner. And do read our original Wild Thymes feature for background on the company.

Wild Thymes products are KSA certified kosher , 100% Natural, Low Sodium and almost all are Gluten-Free.

For product information and to order, please visit  A coupon of 25% is currently being offered. Enter the code: spring 2010 at checkout. Wild Thymes products are also available on

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A Modern Steak House


Many say that this restaurant offers the best steak in Los Angeles! The best food anywhere is certainly the goal of owner Geoffrey Ghanem. Shiloh's is a contemporary, exciting and unique  restaurant with a creative menu developed by Chef Katsui Tanabe.

About Chef Tanabe:
Geoffrey Ghanem had a mission for his restaurant. But, after a frustrating first year of trial and error and the comings and goings of 6 chefs, the vision was incomplete.

However, in Hollywood style, show biz came to the rescue.  Geoffrey spotted  young Katsui Tanabe on TV when he appeared on the show Chefs of Fire, and he hired Tanabe three years ago when he was only 26.  Chef Tanabe is in synch with Shiloh’s owner, and they have created a mini restaurant revolution. Everything is made in the restaurant except ketchup and mayonnaise; the aged beef, the spreads, the desserts, sauces, and more. One of Tanabe’s  innovations is the use of liquid nitrogen to help make parve bleu cheese, ice cream and tableside sorbets. (Shiloh is the Los Angeles area’s 3rd biggest user of liquid nitrogen!) The chef is of Japanese-Mexican descent, and quite by coincidence has recently and unexpectedly unearthed  maternal Jewish roots.  

So who is visionary and owner Geoffrey Ghanem? After 15 years working alongside his parents in their non-kosher family restaurant in the south of France (in Hyeres near St. Tropez), he and his brother came to the U.S. and eventually opened Shiloh. The dream was to create a kosher steak house that would be as good as any successful non-kosher restaurant of similar type.  So has he succeeded?

Let us describe our dinner:

scallops• Ceviche made with white chilean sea bass, with a squeeze of lime, extra virgin olive oil, cucumbers, cilantro, onions, tomatoes and garnished with homemade tortilla chips

Shiloh’s scallops – smoked bass wrapped around Chilean sea bass over creamy avocados

Crab Cake – braised chilean sea bass with saffron aioli

Mini sliders with  grilled onions, beef bacon and blue cheese, and arugula- so fabulous, we now devour it in our dreams

Key lime Pie – unbelievably delicious, and this is an opinion from a key lime maven!

So what about the steaks that many say are the best in LA?  We didn’t taste them…too much food, but at least we left something for our next visit!

And just one more thing: Geoffrey Ghanem has developed and is introducing a line of new kosher gourmet sauces. We look forward to tasting them and featuring them in a future column.

8939 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, 90035

Kosher certification: Kehilla Kosher of Los Angeles

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Kosher Los Angeles
All about the Food, and Food for thought..

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting Los Angeles. And what a visit it was! Six restaurants, one winery, two museums–in a four day trip! Now we think that you will agree that our trip was quite a busy adventure–both culinary and otherwise, combining  fabulous food, and food for thought!

We were impressed and truly surprised by the quantity and quality of the kosher eating choices, which easily rival those in Manhattan. We stayed on Pico Boulevard, the street of kosher everything, and for the most part just parked our car and walked everywhere!

We’re sharing the highlights in a five-part feature and hope that you “savor” the details. We look forward to your comments.

Part 1.  Herzog Wine Cellars & Tierra Sur Restaurant
Part 2.  Delice Bistro
Part 3.  Shiloh's Restaurant
Part 4.  Pat's Restaurant
Part 5. Skirball Cultural Center & The Museum of Tolerance

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delice exterior1

Owner/Manager Julien Bohbot takes great pride in offering French cuisine that is kosher certified, and when possible, local and organic.  Julien was born in Morocco, studied in Paris, and immigrated to the U.S. in 1980.  Once in the U.S., he dabbled in food but focused on real estate to make his living; he sold VIP properties to Madonna, Joan Rivers, Angela Lansbury, and yes, he even marketed and sold the house of the infamous Menendez brothers. But, food was his calling and the kitchen his passion!

Julien gained experience in the famed restaurant L’Orangerie as a sommelier and manager. After his marriage 25 years ago, he became kosher. The successful Delice bakery began eight years ago and then, just next door, The Bistro was opened in 2008.

Julien works hard. He is at the Delice Bakery at 5:30 am most days supervising the preparation of freshly made croissants, French pastries and sandwiches —both dairy and parve—and then at the bistro in the evenings. His goal is to serve the best of everything!  

replica eiffel1The décor is unique and quite French, including the pièce de résistance,  a full scale Eiffel Tower dominating the center of the restaurant, reaching up to a blue cloud-filled Parisian “sky” ceiling.  According to Julien, there are only 3 detailed Tower replicas like this in the world – in Paris, Las Vegas and in Delice Bistro!

Some of the restaurant’s most popular specialties include Bouillabaisse, Duckling, Sea Bass, and Kobe steak.

Oui! Oui! Our meal was très bonne! We started with a platter of appetizers of roasted peppers, carrots, beets; then came a Beef Carpaccio salad – paper-thin sliced beef filet drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, a twist of pepper on a bed of arugula.

And then:
• Crab cakes - a mixture of faux crabmeat and cod, served with homemade tartar sauce on a bed of green salad.

• Blackened Chilean sea bass – served over haricot vertes, caramelized endive and topped with a lemon caper mushroom sauce.

beef_carpaccio72 4x3dpi• Duck Magret with black fig sauce – Simply divine! tender and sweet.

And the dessert: Voila! A bittersweet flourless warm molten chocolate cake with almonds, whipped cream and ice cream.

The house wine is exceptional; a Terroso 2008 Chilean cabernet sauvignon.

A word about the Delice French Bakery:  How we love real dairy pastries! We flew home with both cheese and almond Danish on ice. What a treat to have a true dairy pastry for breakfast after a jet lag inducing, red-eye flight.  Dairy “French style” pastries are a treat we do not yet have in Atlanta!  Delice Bistro caters and prepares Shabbos meals and holiday feasts. Bon Appetit!

Delice Bistro and Delice Bakery
8581 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 289-1702

Kosher certification: Kehilla kosher of Los Angeles

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Tierra Sur Restaurant


What a delightful experience we had when we ventured out to Oxnard, Calfornia, an easy one-hour drive from Los Angeles. Our destination – The Herzog Wine Cellars. We were scheduled for a tour, a tasting at the Winery, and then lunch at the exceptional Tierra Sur restaurant. Eleven-thirty IS a bit early for a winery tour and tasting… but so be it. No whining about this opportunity.

We began with an informative tour of this state-of-the-art wine making facility conducted by the very gracious and knowledgeable winery representative, Monica Agyekum. We observed numerous stainless steel and oak wine storage barrels holding wine in a temperature-controlled atmosphere until just the right time to bottle.  Each barrel can fill 25 cases and the wine cellars have approximately 2,000 barrels in various stages of ageing. Only kosher wine is processed here.

Next came the wine tasting. Visitors to the Wine Cellars have the privilege of educational, guided wine tastings. On any day, a selection of Baron Herzog wines or Herzog Wine Cellars Special Reserve wines are available. Information shared by a trained sommelier adds to the experience. Our  knowledge and understanding of wine characteristics were certainly enhanced.and the wines we sipped were quite special.

Although  we were sorry to miss meeting Wine Cellars manager Joseph Herzog (he was out of town), the youngest grandson of Herzog founder Eugene Herzog, we had a vintage day at Herzog; especially because we had the pleasure of meeting their chief wine maker, and surely one of the top wine experts in the U.S., Joe Hurliman.

joe-h1In addition to Joe’s vast knowledge about wine, he is personable, humorous and certainly willing to share! Joe began his career 25 years ago, with a focus on Health Science and Organizational Management. His formal wine training included a career at the respected Alban Vineyards, in California’s Edna Valley, and experience in creating wine from grapes grown in California Central Coast.  Joe has been with Herzog since 1998.

Joe now incorporates grapes from Napa, Sonoma, Clarksburg, and Lodi into the Herzog winemaking regiment. In addition to his role as winemaker for both the Herzog Wine Cellars and Baron Herzog wines, he helps manage the vineyards across the state where Herzog Wine cellars source its grapes. He also develops new wine programs.

Joe shared his knowledge and advice on how to taste, how to “swirl” reds, how to store wine, and his recommendations for some of his favorites:

When storing wine at home, avoid temperature changes, light, and vibration. A cool, dry, dim or dark room is best. When all else fails, he suggested using an internal room such as a closet!

For opened wine, AVOID THE ENEMY-AIR! Joe suggests pouring anticipated extra wine immediately after opening into glass"187 sized" bottles and tightly closing. Re-bottled wine can be stored as described above.

When tasting wine, swirl around and around in the glass. Joe recommends swirling with the base of the wine glass on a flat surface. Swirl, sniff, and sip to get full nose and taste.

Although Joe was reticent about sharing his current Herzog favorites (like to a parent who does not favor one child over another), we pressed him! He “caved” under pressure and did share some favorites in various price ranges:

alexander-lodi1• Lodi Zin Gris – 2007 Herzog Rose table wine. Approximately $18

• Late Harvest Zin –2008 sweeter wine, lovely with dessert picked later certified sustainable. Approximately $20

• Herzog Reserve Napa Cabernet 2006- aged in French smoky barrels for 18 months; $38

• Alexander Cabernet Special Reserve 2007 smooth with earthy notes, a fruit forward, Napa wine. Approximately $35 (This was our favorite red - memorable!)

So America, how do we join the exciting Herzog Wine Cellars Wine Club? Please visit We are dismayed to report that only buyers from lucky states can join the club, namely California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington D.C. If your state is not on the list, the wine club is not permitted to ship to that state.

Unfortunately our state of Georgia, is not on the list, so we will have to make other arrangements to buy these!  We’ve already complained to our state representatives about this! Of course, Herzog wines are available nationwide from

Our lunch at the exceptional Tierra Sur Restaurant:

No, we did not order any wine pairings for lunch after enjoying our private wine festival! What we did was feast on outstanding food!

steak2• Bread from La Brea bakery – served with fresh rosemary infused olive oil

• Caesar salad – hearts of romaine with lemon, garlic and anchovy dressing

• Lamb burger with a side of house made maple cured lamb "bacon"

• Succulent steak in a balsamic mushroom presentation

• Organic corn fish tortilla with mango salsa

• Warm Blackberry crumble, alongside non-dairy ice cream.

Are you drooling yet? Truly a memorable meal and well worth the drive from LA! Yes, Yes, Yes… so much more to sip, taste, learn, eat, buy—we must return to Oxnard!  And, we look forward to meeting the talented Chef Todd Aaron. The restaurant shared one of Chef Aaron's deletable creations–Pomegranate-Braised Lamb Shoulder with Fava Beans. Enjoy!

Tierra Sur/Herzog Wine Cellars
3201 Camino Del Sol

Oxnard, CA 93030
Phone: 805.983.1560
Fax: 805.983.1775

Kosher Certification: OU

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