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De La Rosa Foods and Vineyards

delarosa products
De La Rosa Foods was founded on the principles of compassion for living things, and for being guardians of the Creator’s handiwork. Their products are always non-GMO, always kosher and whenever possible, organic. “The House of De La Rosa” is dedicated to providing the highest standards in food & wine. The name of the company itself was selected to reflect its mission. The name honors the 18th century sage Chaim De La Rosa, a Jewish spiritual master who believed in natural healing. The words “de la rosa” – describes a rose and the Jewish people in Song of Songs. Plus according to co-founder Yehudith Girshberg, the name sounded quite “cosmopolitan”. (We agree!) 
We are sharing news of some the newest De La Rosa products that we have recently sampled

De La Rosa Avocado Oil
This was a favorite. We didn’t really know how to use it, but we did know that we love, love, love avocados – both for their taste and nutrients. According to our research, avocado oil is actually made by taking the pulp, the creamy inside, and pressing it in a centrifuge, which separates both the oil and the water from the pulp. The oil comes to the top and is then removed and filtered. It takes 15 to 20 avocados to make one (eight-ounce) bottle of oil. So, how did we use avocado oil? Avocado oil has a high smoke point- up to 520 degrees, making it a good oil option for sauteeing and frying.

  •  In homemade mayo – instead of canola oil
  •  In salad dressing for our faux kosher corn crab salad
  •  Drizzled over fresh tomatoes, or over hot tomato soup and gazpacho

Delicious! Try it, and let us know how YOU use it!

De la rosa wine MobileNEW from De La Rosa - Kosher Organic Wines
The vineyards selected for these wines are historic; they date back 800 years. The wines have been cultivated on the famed Burgenland Austria family estate. For its first entry into wines, De La Rosa is offering a selection of 8 organic wines, plus ice wine and organic grappa. 

We sampled:
Shaarei Orrah – Sweet red late harvest “blaufrankisch”, layered with red and black grapes Suggested for Kiddush, as an aperitif or alongside desserts. This was a silver medal winner at the 2015 AWC wine challenge. A good choice for those who like sweet wines.

Ur Kasdim -  Sparkling and sweet with a flowery aroma Pair with chicken, fish, pasta or cheese. The name “ur Kasdim is the birthplace of the patriarch Avraham
3 time gold medal winner 2015 wine challenge, International Wine challenge and Burgenland competition. We enjoy sparklers, especially when served with a fruit garnish. This one was lovely, with a fresh peach and strawberry placed in each glass.

Binah Merlot – Structured with medium tannins. We found it full bodied, and paired it with London Broil. We suggest that this vintage could benefit from some additional aging.

Sasson Dry Sauvignon Blanc—fruity with a dry finish. Low acidity Certified Histamine Free- so no sleeping after this lovely wine. A favorite!

Coming soon from De La Rosa — a Yakeer Cabernet Sauvignon and an Ashray Chardonnay. We look forward to the tasting.

Visit De La Rosa at,, Twitter: @delarosa613
Buy their food products at De La Rosa Real Foodsand their wine at kosher friendly liquor stores across the country or online at

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Chef Leticia Moreinos Schwartz
Photo credit Kate Sears, Published by Kyle Books

Chef and cookbook author Leticia Moreinos Schwartz was born and raised in Brazil. Leticia has a BA in economics, and she moved to the US to pursue a career in cooking. She graduated from The French Culinary Institute with degrees in Culinary & Pastry Arts, and she worked in legendary restaurants in NYC.

Leticia then studied journalism and is the author of award winning books The Brazilian Kitchen and My Rio de Janeiro. Her work has been featured extensively on media outlets such as The New York Times and Saveur, and she has appeared frequently on TV shows including The Today Show, Fox Morning News, and ABC EyeWitness News.

In celebration of the Rio 2016 Summer Games, Chef Leticia has provided KosherEye readers with two favorite authentic and delicious Brazilian recipes. Enjoy!

Açorda Alantejana - garlic and cilantro soup with poached eggs and croutons
Rocambole de Laranja - orange roulade

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Tu B'Shevat, Challah & Babka
by Guest Columnist Leah Hadad


Sitting in Washington, DC, in December, it is hard to imagine what symbolizes a sunny, new beginning of spring in Israel, Tu B'Shevat, is only a month away.  There is a tendency to reminisce during holidays and times when we celebrate or commemorate a personal or communal event.  It was just about this time of the year, that I formally registered Tribes-A-Dozen as a legal entity.  

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