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The Barbecue Guru

steven-raichlenIf you were stranded on a desert island and needed to come up with just one person to help you with barbecuing and grilling, we think that there is no question as to who that would be…Grillmaster Steven Raichlen.  In conjunction with our weekly Cookbook of the Week feature, we are spotlighting Steven Raichlen, award–-winning author, journalist, cooking teacher, and TV host. He is the best–selling author of 28 cookbooks including The Barbecue Bible, (4 million copies in print). He hosts the informative and entertaining TV shows Primal Grill and Barbecue University, and is considered the “go to” expert on grilling. And then there are his TV guest appearances on many national TV shows, including the Today Show, Good Morning American, CNN, Oprah, The View and more. Raichlen also created the Best of Barbecue line of grilling accessories.

Raichlen’s passion for “live fire cooking” began with his book The Barbecue Bible (Workman, 1998), which is a study of global grilling, chronicling his “4-year, 200,000-mile odyssey around the world”. In 2000, Workman published How to Grill, a step-by-step guide to live fire cooking, with more than 1000 color photographs, How to Grill won an IACP Award (International Association of Cookbook Professionals) and has more than 1.5 million copies in print. BBQ USA is Raichlen’s 780 page, 650 photograph, 425 recipe ode to regional American barbecue. His newest cookbook, Best Ribs Ever (Workman, 2012), celebrates ribs, with many tips and recipes that kosher eaters can enjoy. In all, Raichlen has won five James Beard Awards and three IACP awards, and his books have been translated into 12 languages, including French, Russian, and Japanese. Wow – Raichlen is certainly sizzling!

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Whirl!   Stir!  Chop!  Cook!  Grind!  Puree!  Heat!  Drink!  Eat!

Tom Dickson, the creator of Blendtec, is our new culinary YouTube gadget guru. And legend has it that even before his "Will It Blend"? series went viral on YouTube (and yes readers you must watch it!), Tom Dickson, an engineer and inventor, was blending 2x2s with his blenders to determine their capabilities. His mission: to invent the world's most powerful blender. In our opinion, "mission accomplished"! Although we hesitate to use our Blendtec on non-edibles, you'll have to watch his videos to see this, we certainly are fearless when it comes to anything edible. The machine is powerful.

The Blendtec Designer 725, has been called "the world's smartest residential blender and the first operated entirely by touchscreen". The Designer 725 advances Blendtec's "blender with a brain" abilities with industry‐first features that offer unprecedented control over the blending process.
And what about Tom Dickson? His engineering mind is still inventing and the company continues enhancing, expanding and innovating. Some have called the world of Blendtec, and its engineering team a "torture chamber" due to the blender's super power. We think that it is an amazing kitchen tool.
Features include:

    • Patented five‐sided Wildside+blending jar that makes smoothies in as little as 14 seconds
    • Patented blunt safety blade that is 80% thicker and 10 times stronger than competitors to avoid breaking or cut fingers
    • 1725 watt motor – the most powerful in residential blending – that reduces blending time and increases safety by handling hard foods like ice and frozen fruit without risk of blade breakage
    • Engineered and assembled in the USA at the company's Orem, Utah facility.
    • 8-year warranty
    • Clean up – Hot water and soap with the blender on. More good news- Blendtec states that it is okay to put their jar in the dishwasher. YAY!
    • Fits under most cabinets


We tested two different jars:
The Blendtec Twister Jar

    • Makes thick purees and small volume dishes with "twister lid and tines", the food can be directed into the blades while blending. Designed for ultra-thick recipes


    • Twister Lid features tines that rotate and push ingredients off the side


    • Easy-to-read jar markings up to 16 ounces


    • Made from impact-resistant, BPA-free polyester


  • Compatible with all Blendtec consumer blenders

The Twister jar is ideal for foods like bread & cookie crumbs, nut butters, hummus, baby food, dips, and dressings. To use the jar, simply add ingredients and twist the lid counter-clockwise while the blend cycle is running. This twisting motion forces the ingredients from the sides of the jar into the blade, allowing you to achieve a smooth blend. Also included- is the special Blendtec spatula-engineered specifically for the Twister to get nearly every morsel out of your jar.

The WildSide+ Jar for larger blends
The WildSide+ jar maximizes blending performance.
The blunt safety blade is 80% thicker and ten times stronger than other blades
Patented fifth side allows for bigger, faster blends
The WildSide+ is ideal for larger blends, high-volume recipes
It is recommended for soup, bread dough, smoothies, dips and batters

Our new Blendtec is on our counter at the ready. We have had it since April, and below are some examples of what we have blended so far. We have kept our Blendtec jars parve, however we are tempted to order another jar for our dairy creations.

For more about this powerful kitchen tool, visit
To order: Blendtec Designer 725 with WildSide Jar
To watch the "Will It Blend" videos- (A Must!) click here: Will it Blend?

Some of the foods that we have made in our Blendtec (and we are just beginning) are:
Lemon Hummus – Once you make your own hummus, it is hard to go back to pre-made
Strawberry-Banana Smoothies, Parve milk shakes and ice cream
Almond butter, Almond milk, Peanut butter
Matzo Meal (We made this for Passover. Used whole matzos)
Oat flour (Blended regular dry oatmeal and added it to our chocolate chip cookies)
Chimichurri sauce, Pesto, Guacamole
Corn Soup, Borscht, Vegetarian Minestrone Soup, Gazpacho
Apple sauce, Aioli, Mayonnaise, Mango salsa, Cranberry orange relish
Brownies, Chocolate Mousse
Lemonade- with whole lemons
Powdered sugar from granulated sugar

We're sharing three recipes that we've whipped up in our Blendtec - click to view the recipes:
Borscht in the Blendtec
Chocolate Mousse in the Blendtec
Lemonade or Limeade in the Blendtec

Do share YOUR favorite Blendtec and blender recipes with us. If you would like any of the above listed recipes, just let us know.

 Watch the Blendtec make lemonade. Will it Blend whole lemons?:



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NEW! Cuisinart for illy®:
Your Personal Barista is in!

Cuisinart_Illy_em600_300wCuisinart® Em-600 Buena Tazza Super automatic Single Serve Espresso, Caffé Latte, Cappuccino, And Coffee Machine

Be your own barista. If you love coffee as we do, this would be a sensational addition to your kitchen.

With this new machine, coffee enthusiasts can brew perfect espresso and traditional coffee beverages at the touch of a button, and without moving the cup. A removable milk tank sends hot and creamy, frothed milk right into the cup for hands-free, cappuccino and latte. For use with illy® iperEspresso capsule system, this innovative unit offers simple push-button temperature, flavor strength, and froth controls. The dual heating system eliminates wait between milk and espresso, so drinks are ready fast. The machine accommodates any cup or mug size!

• Controls for single or double espresso, traditional coffee, manual flavor strength, steam, one-touch latte and cappuccino, and hotter temperature settings.
• Stay-Clean Brew Head
• Removable 1-liter/34-ounce Water Reservoir for up to 20 short espressos.
• 22-ounce Milk Container
• Frothing Wand with exclusive "Burst of Steam" to automatically clean wand after each use.
• Used-Capsule Container
• Removable Drip Tray lifts off to fit tall coffee and travel mugs and to makes cleanup easier.
• Cup Warming Plate
• Steam Control Dial adjusts ratio of air to milk.
• Power Button with energy saver and auto shutoff modes.

For more information about this appliance, visit
To order: Click Here

At the recent International Housewares Show in Chicago, we had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing Mary Rodgers, Director of Marketing Communications for Cuisinart and Waring. Since joining Cuisinart in 1996, she has significantly expanded the Marketing Communications department while spearheading industry-first initiatives that have given the company even greater stature as an innovative leader. Under her leadership, Cuisinart has received numerous awards from some of the most prestigious industry organizations in the nation. KosherEye has been a dedicated user of Cuisinart's innovative products, especially their amazing cooking appliances.  We work with these daily in our kosher kitchens, and gift them to family and friends. We have been longtime fans of Mary Rodgers and her team for both their creativity and understanding of the ever-evolving culinary marketplace. Watch her interview below and hear Mary talk about some of the newest Cuisinart kitchen innovations:


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Counter Candy

As we walked the aisles of the 2015 International Housewares' Show (which we consider the ultimate Disneyworld for cooks), we stopped to admire a unique exhibit, a feast for our eyes, where all of the displays were filled with beautiful retro designed appliances. We saw toasters, blenders and electric kettles in luscious colors; styled to look just like we were in our Bubbie's kitchen. But, trust us, these are not our Bubbie's appliances. The colors and design attracted us, but now the functionality has made us fans. The gorgeous stand mixer that we received from SMEG shines in our newly designed kitchen. It is silver, and fits beautifully on our counter. But yes, of course, we knew that we would love the look. But, how about the ease of use?

We decided to make our new mixer dairy friendly. As in many kosher homes, often times we show precedence to our meat side and give the dairy side the leftovers. In fact, some of our dairy utensils and appliances were dollar store and discount store purchases.

Our Smeg stand mixer shines front and center on our counter for use in our dairy baking and cooking. We tested it with some of our favorite recipes. We used it to make cheese cake (our copycat kosher Cheesecake Factory cheesecake with a touch of lemon in the whipped cream topping) and tested it when we made our new recipe for Sock it to Me Cake with a classic vanilla buttercream frosting- made with real butter.

Yumm. Not only was mixing a pleasure, but the rotating blades work their way around the perimeter of the stainless bowl and did not leave even a smidgen of unmixed batter. Needless to say, our dairy side is mixer-happy now!

We are sharing some of the dairy recipes we mixed, whipped, creamed, beat and kneaded in the past few weeks with the help of the Smeg stand mixer:
Cheesecake Factory Copycat Kosher Cheesecake
Classic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Banana Bread
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Aliza's Easy Pizza Crust
Dairy Noodle Kugel for a Crowd
Swedish Pancakes
Nellie & Joe's Key Lime Pie
Whole Wheat Honey Bread

Aunt Sue's Famous Pound Cake

About the Smeg stand mixer
•   Die-cast aluminum body with enamel finish.
•   Dishwasher safe 5 Qt stainless bowl w/ergonomic handle
•   10 variable speeds with smooth, soft -start function
•   Safety lock when the head is tilted up
•   Anti‐slip feet for stability when mixing
•   Overload motor protection
•   Accessories included: Stainless steel wire whisk, aluminum flat beater, aluminum dough hook, plastic bowl cover
•   Available stand mixer colors: Red, Black, Silver, Pastel blue, Cream
•   Capacity: 99 ounces cake batter; 46 ounces dough; 32 ounces whipping cream
•   Optional accessories (available for purchase): pasta roller and cutter set, meat grinder, additional stainless bowl

About Smeg:
smeg-50s-retro-stand-mixer_300wItalian-based SMEG is known for their '50s retro-look appliances- designed in collaboration with top architects. This stand mixer combines mid-century style with contemporary functionality. Smeg was founded in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni, Sr. from Guastalla, a town in Northern Italy, and now one of the country's leading home appliance manufacturers. The mixer was won the 2015 iF design seal of excellence award selected from 5,000 entries representing 53 countries.

Visit SmegUSA for more Smeg Stand Mixer information.
To order a Smeg Stand Mixer, click here: SMEG Retro 50s Stand Mixer

SMEG and the Stars:
Celebrity entrepreneur Richard Branson has selected the Smeg Mini Fab5 Refrigerator as the minibar star in each room of his Virgin Hotel Chicago.

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Kitchen Complete!
by Roberta Scher


For a larger view of this photo, click here

Kitchen Done! Four months of boxes, dust, disorganization and workmen have finally come to an end. Time to move back in to our beautiful, updated new kitchen. Are we happy, yes! Is everything perfect, no.

1st steps: Organizing and Maintenance
Moving back into the beautiful new kitchen is certainly a lot more fun than moving out.  However, be prepared for many more decisions – and be sure to allow for the "after" items in your budget.
Where does everything go? In which drawers and cabinets? What types of organizing inserts are needed for each space? Should we line the drawers and cabinet shelves? The shopping and research continues... Container Store, Ikea, Home Depot, Lowe's,, and searching additional online resources as well. A recommendation to make the move back easier: Prior to the start of your remodel, we recommend opening all of the drawers and taking photos. This will help in the after-the-project organization process.


We decided to line all of the cabinet shelves and drawers. We chose Easy Liner brand shelf liners which we found at Lowe's. They were easily cut to size, and are both wipeable and washable. For the dinnerware drawers and several accessory drawers, we installed the Rev-A-Shelf Peg system. Since I am a kitchen tool collector, the utensil and flatware drawers were a challenge. We decided to use flexible deep drawer dividers from The Container Store. We purchased a "stepped" can shelf at Wal-Mart, and used flexible bamboo dividers from The Container Store in our knife drawers.So much shopping!

We love, love, love our new quartzite countertops and our stainless steel appliances, but have discovered that they require a different type of cleaner than our old appliance fronts and our previous Corian countertops. We also found an unexpected challenge - fingerprints on all the stainless appliances. What to do? Our OCD immediately clicked in - how do we keep these areas clean? We called several cleaning supply companys; their customer service representatives informed us that none of their standard cleaners and wipes are recommended for granite or quartzite. We also read that ammonia and bleach should not be used on these natural stones. So, we had to research what to do, and have discovered new types of cleaners. We are using Granite Gold ( products on everything. They have an "everyday cleaner" that works on stainless steel appliances and on natural stone countertops.  In fact, one of their spray cleaners works on almost everything in our new kitchen. (See our Granite Gold Featured Kitchen Tool article!)


Our glistening cabinet knobs and handles (From make us happy too. The design and shine add just the right amount of sparkle and style to our cabinets.
And as for the cabinet color choices. . . we are pleased with the color of the simple white wood cabinets (Benjamin Moore Simple White) contrasted with the rich dark espresso wood island and the clear glass backsplash.




We splurged on the three pendant lights (Restoration Hardware) which hang over the island - but they truly complete the ambience. (We did wait for the sale!) And speaking of lighting, we added shiny silver flush ceiling cans to surround all of the recessed lighting.


Kitchen Results and recommendations
Finally Finished! Our new kitchen delights and excites us, and it is pleasingly functional too. Our contractor was and still is very accommodating and lovely to work with; his subs were pleasant and skilled. Although we cannot say that the experience was enjoyable, it was "as good as it gets".



Dairy_side_IMG_4220EIt has been 6 months since we began, and there are a few minor adjustments still to be made. We are still reading our manuals and learning how to use each of our new appliances. We are hoping that our choices were right (more on that in future months!).



The bad news: We are now thinking of remodeling our master bath. FYI: A bathroom remodel yields a 62 percent return, on average. OY, here we go again!

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have- just email; or contact us on Twitter:, or on Facebook:

This is the third part of a 3 part article. For part 1 and part 2, click here: Part 1  Part 2.

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