David Elliot Poultry Farm – Kosher Turkey Talk Expert

davidelliotlogo-2David Elliot Poultry Farm was started in 1940 by David Fink z”l, and his brother, Elliot Eichler. At the beginning, the company was a hatchery – with chicks sold to Irish, Welsh and English farmers – which explains the choice of the Anglicized company name.  However, the hatchery mutated into a processing business because operating a processing plant is more compatible with Shabbos and Yom Tov observance. Timing the hatching and harvesting of eggs  is much more precise and time based than schechting. It is easier to be an observant Jew – as a schochet.

David Elliot Poultry Farm is a multi–generational family business and is currently run by David Fink's sons Moshe and Shlomo Fink. Two of  Moshe’s sons are interested in the business. They are enrolled in formal business colleges, and in fact one of his sons analyzed the business operations last summer.

The company primarily sells broilers and roasting chickens about 4 1/2 lbs. in size, 1 lb. Rock Cornish hens, and turkeys seasonally – primarily for Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Passover.

Moshe prides himself in providing quality over quantity. He believes “you are what you eat” and therefore has very stringent allowances with no deviation for the birds’ diet.  He explains that the all-natural feed yields different tasting poultry with superior flavor.  The birds are raised on small Mennonite farms, as opposed to large industrial farms. The kosher poultry that David Elliot brings to market is chemical and medication free. According to Moshe, company growth has been intentionally limited due to the emphasis on “hands on stewardship” and farm quality. At present, production is at capacity.

For 70 years, David Elliot  has sold their poultry through word of mouth. They have no website.  David Elliott Poultry is available in many east coast cities as well as Cleveland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami and Texas. So, how can you find a David Elliot turkey in your area?  The traditional way – call the company at 570 344-6348.

By the way, if you live in a city with a Weis Supermarket, you can gobble up one of these turkeys.


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