The KosherEye Wish List for 2012


In this feature, which is part two of our 2012 forecast, we are sharing a kosher wish list gathered from KosherEye staff and readers. Although some of these products may be available in large, limited metro areas, our readers across the country hope to see them more accessible locally and on the Internet.

  Clean kosher restaurants with sanitation grade A, smiling capable wait staff, caring management, quality food, and fair pricing. Let us know when you find kosher restaurants with these attributes. We would like to write about them. We also wish that kosher restaurants would be so excellent that many of their patrons were not even there because it is kosher.

•  Food trucks and pop-up restaurants rolling across the U.S.

•  Fish sauce

•  Duck breasts

•  Washed, ready to eat greens such as Kale, Chard, Romaine and leafy vegetables.

•  Healthful and ready to heat meals in family sized portions.

•  Lingonberry preserves

•  Kosher airline foods for purchase

•  More fine kosher cheeses, including lower-fat goat cheese

•  More fine chocolates

•  More fresh–frozen fish

•  Bailey’s Irish Crème, more kosher sherry and brandies and fine kosher liqueurs

•  Rollable ready−to−use parve pie pastry crust sheets

•  Egg-Free, Gluten-free bread mixes and cake mixes

•  Sherry vinegar, Champagne vinegar

•  Assorted flavored chutney and Indian sauces

  Bread and AP Flour in 1 pound units within 5 lb. packages

•  More kosher certified store brands

•  Poultry without residual hair shafts and feathers

  Truffle oil – very hard to find

•  Online vendors listing specific kosher certification, rather than just the term “kosher”

  Parve Godiva  liqueur


January 2, 2012


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