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At the Olympics


The Olympic village dining hall is a 5,000–capacity venue, 24–hour facility where organizers also expect to provide a total of  232 tons of potatoes, and 330 tons of fruit and vegetables by the time the Games finish on August 12. Some 1.2 million meals will be served – 60,000 a day.

According to CNN…some Olympic Food facts:

  • 25,000 loaves of bread will be consumed
  • 75,000 liters of milk drunk
  • 12,000 calories swimmer Michael Phelps told NBC he ate daily
  • 50 pieces of sushi consumed by Japanese marathon runner Naoko Takahashi after a training (Two kilos of fish)

medium-cut_sevilleRecipes Worthy of a Medal – Go for the Gold in Your Kitchen
As the Olympics come to an end, we are celebrating the royal cuisine of Great Britain in our own kitchens. Try some of these authentic British recipes.  In our view, they are fit for a king or a queen – the Shabbos queen. They are all from prominent British chefs and foodies and all translate to kosher friendly versions.

  1. Potato Wafers with Smoked Salmon, Watercress and Horseradish Cream
  2. Stilton and Toasted Walnut Balls – If kosher stilton is unavailable, use blue cheese  stiltonandtoastedwal
  3. Really Good Kedgeree
  4. Smoked Salmon and Dill Butter Tea-Sandwich
  5. My Mother-In-Laws Madeira Cake
  6. Plum Summer Pudding
  7. Medium-Cut Seville Orange Marmalade
  8. Battenberg Cake
  9. Devilish Red Cabbage
  10. Smoked Mackerel Pate and Cucumber Sandwich  smoked_mackerel_pate
  11. Peach, Lemon and Mascarpone Trifle

Do let us know which you tried, and how you enjoy them.


August 8, 2012

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