Kosher by Design Cooking Coach
by Susie Fishbein

A Sneak Preview


In this her eighth book, best-selling cookbook author and food expert Susie Fishbein shares her best-kept secrets for success in the kitchen.

When the first volume in the Kosher by Design series of cookbooks appeared on the scene nearly ten years ago, who could have predicted how popular author Susie Fishbein would become? This New Jersey-based work-from-home wife and mother of four, who turned her passion for stylish kosher cooking into an internationally recognized brand, is about to release what she says is her most exciting cookbook yet: Kosher by Design Cooking Coach: Recipe, Tips and Techniques to Make Anyone a Better Cook. Cooking Coach is the eighth cookbook in the popular Kosher by Design series.

This hands-on book features something new: ten coaching sections containing "Game Plans" for refining one's culinary skills in the kitchen. They cover everything from meat and poultry to the right equipment and techniques, covering a wide range of kitchen knowledge including:

  • your most essential kitchen equipment - how to make can't-miss side dishes
- how to skin and pin-bone fish
- how to prep fresh herbs

  • why you only need 3 primary kitchen knives
- what you must know about meat and poultry - plating and garnishing made simple
- how to "reincarnate" your leftovers

There are 120 brand new recipes, simple to complex, everyday to special occasion-- spanning the globe, -including over 400 full-color photos by the talented John Uher.

From Susie:
"Through my books I encourage home cooks to become more comfortable in the kitchen, to recognize techniques, and to think about other ways to apply them. Cooking Coach is the culmination of a decade's worth of guidance and instruction and my best time-tested ideas."

With over 450,000 copies sold in the Kosher by Design series, Susie has become one of the most noted of kosher cooks of all time and is credited with elevating kosher cuisine to a new level of chic and diversity.

You may pre-order the book, Kosher By Design Cooking Coach.

Try these sample recipes from the new book: Fall Harvest Silver Roast and Red Snapper with Warm Olives, Capers and Tomato.

October 7, 2012

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